Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I have been away for a long time, I hope u all had a great Christmas and I hope you all party safe tonight.
I'll be back in the New year and I hope to have a great New Year....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's getting COLD out there....

The last 2 days I worked day shifts, this cycle I am working the beat, the beat I'm assigned is a single person beat, sometimes you get alittle bored so you talk to

I enjoy walking the beat but this time of year it's alittle harder becasue your body isn't adjusted to the cold waether we've been having recently. I had all my cold weather gear on but it was still chilly, I'll make it tho.

Today I headed to the gym and had a good workout, I had a good run on the tredmill then hit the weights it felt good.

Anyways Night shifts the next 2 nights, they should be busy.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please pray for the families


This is a part of my job that always has to be in the back of my mind, as I go about my day as "Kenny" I can blend in and nobody will bother me, but when I put on my uniform and head to work some people see it as a hugh target.

Sometimes we are the people that are knocking on someones door to take them away for a while, or we are seen as the reason for the troubles in their lives, and they want to take that anger out on us...

This hit Home the other day as someone from my cadet class was hit at a traffic stop as the driver tried to get away... PLease Pray for him too.

But when I turned on the news and saw this story it made me sad, and I knew I needed to pass along the need to pray for the families of these brave officers, if you don't pray then please remember them.

May God Bless


Christmas tree lighting

Last night here in Halifax they had the Christmas tree lighting at city hall.

I had got the call for extra duty and I accepted, it was a pretty easy gig because we were there for crowd control and the crowds weren't too big because it was raining.... It was a nice event too bad we didn't have better weather...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back at the pool

So It's been Nov 6th since I was in the pool, even since then I slacked on all forms of working out.
So tonight before I head back to work tomorrow I wanted to hit the pool.

I went to the Lane swim and the pool was busy, there were 2 water exercise classes going on, so the lanes were cut down to 2 lanes.  So when I jumped in both lanes ahd 3 people in them, alittle crowded but it worked out well, The only thing is that the 2 weeks out of the pool showed, I was having a hard time but I stayed the hour and put in a good number of laps.

It felt good to be back in tho,

Tomorrow at work I'll jump on the bike in the gym and do alittle weights, this should kick start me again...


Friday, November 20, 2009

The Torch and Crosby come to Town.

The Olympic Torch made its way to town the other night and my shift was working.

They were not planning for huge crowds until the released that Crosby would be carring the torch for the second to last leg.

The area I was posted was were Crosby would hand of the Torch, we had everything under control until Crosby made it to my location then everyone would crazy, they had no regard for police orders and didn;t mind if they walked on kids to get where they want to be, after we regained order we made our way down tot he stage for the concert and snowboarding stunts, when your are working during these events it's great becasue you get front row seats!!

On the Triathlon front I have been slacking alittle late, I hope to get to the pool tomorrow and maybe go for a run to jump start things again......

We've been having amazing weather here for late November so I think I'll take the Motorcycle out for a spin.....Later


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

293 days Left.....


Last night my brother came over to watch Monday Night Football.

Also we went online and booked our tickets online for a flight into Bakersfield, Ca then to fly out of San Fran, Ca.

This year we tried to use our AeroPlan miles, and we tried alittle too late. So this year we decided to book as early as possible. So we booked our tickets this year for Sept 6th 2010 - Sept 13th 2010.

Our plans are to Fly into Bakersfield, Ca make our way to Yosemite Nathional Park, Hike for a couple days in the Park. After that head to San Franscio where we will see Alcatraz prison, go to Six Flags Theme Park, see other sights and then Watch a NFL football game, I'm hopeing the NFL season kicks off on Sept 12th again this year.

I can't wait, it's gonna be a blast.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hockey Game

Last night I had a good night, I had bought tickets to take my Grandad out to a Hockey Game, he is getting up in years and can't do as much as he used to. The local team is not doing so well this year and tonight they were playing one of the better teams in the league, also their rival.... But after a bad 1st period they pulled it together and won 2-1 a very exciting game, with a few fights thrown in...


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Went to the park for Walk

Hello all,
Today after Heidi got home we headed out to the Park, It was a beautiful day and I had spent all day in bed then playing COD.

We headed to the park and Picked up a couple cupcakes along the way, when walked around point pleasent park, there was alot of people out walking their dogs.... Can't wait to get one, some day.

After the walk we headed home, gotta get some food in me I'm starving....

Check out the videos

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Adventures of Kenny the Cop....

Part 1: The Adventures of Kenny the Cop....

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cowboys vs. Eagles

It was a long slow day at work today, well I guess criminals even take it easy on sunday...
He made our picks for divisions (I moved to west where I'll be in a car and not walking the beat :) ) last week and today we picked our vacations, I was able to pick Christmas for next year, so we should be going to Heidi'd sisters if we're welcome..... My Second pick if in the end of June for the weekend where there are a couple Triathlons I am interested in...

Tomorrow my other picks will come around, I'll pick another couple in the summer and one in the fall.....

Tonight after a long day I have the great thing to cheer me up, My Dallas Cowboys are playing tonight againest the Eagles,  for first place in their division....


Friday, November 6, 2009

Machu Picchu Trip

So I want to go to Machu Picchu.... Who's Coming with me?

Well my brother has always wanted to go, so he's in. Also we have interest from another mutual friend, it would be nice to maybe have 1 more.

So I am making this post as a type of brain storming post so I can document stuff I find about machu Picchu.....


Machu PiCCHU Hike #1 - $749 USD - 7 Days : Gap Adventures

Day 1 Cuzco - Day 2 Sacred Valley / Ollantaytambo - Day 3-6 Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (3B, 3L, 3D) - Day 7 Depart Cuzco.

On to the ancient trail of the Incas with a morning trip to km 82, where our hike starts. Local porters and guides ensure that the trip is worry-free. Fascinating ruins and spectacular mountain scenery fill every day of the hike. On the final day, climb the steps to Intipunku, the 'Sun Gate', to catch our first glimpse of Machu Picchu before our tour of the famous Inca ruin. We return to Cuzco for the night.

Machu Picchu Hike #2 - $410 USD - 4 days 3 nights :


SERVICE INCLUDED: Transportation to the Km. 82,bilingual guide, cook, meals during the tour , entrance fee to Machu Picchu Sanctuary. Return train ticket to Cusco Back Packer, porters to carry the camping equipment, bus from Machupicchu to Aguas Calientes town First aid kit, tents.

Machu Picchu #3 - $490 USD - INCA TRAIL SALKANTAY 5 DAYS 4 Nights - This Trip is more about hikking in the mountains around Machu Picchu and on the final day you take a bus to Machu Picchu for the day.....
Flights From Lima to Cusco: Around $55 - $75

This Is someones Hike to Machu Picchu From Youtube, They sound british I

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off Season Triathlon Training

I've been looking at Triathlon Training in general, but for all you that are in your offseason I came across some articles and Videos that may help you out, Thanks to Krista who blogged about it, so I decided to throw up a quick post, you have have other Links please share them in the comments section.....


Mark Allen Online

Tri-Newbies online

Top 5 off season Tips

Off season training Questions

YouTube Video - Triathlon Offseason

YouTube Video - Triathlon Strength & Conditioning Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Hitting my stride

Hello all,

I hit the Pool yesterday and had a great workout, starting to do more drills to make me efficient.

Recently I have been doing alot of reading about running form, and one area that interested me was barefoot running. Now you won't see me running down the road barefooted but when you see all the benefits you'd think twice. But one thing you can take from it is that when you run barefoot your body will quickly find the proper form, i did a few tests around the house and today when I went for a run I tried to use the stuff I learned.

I had realized that when I was running I was landing on my heel alot, which is terrible form and can lead to injuries, one thing barefoot runners talk about is how running shoes allow you to have bad form like that because all the cushioning allows you to hit the ground wrong and hardly feel it, I today I was bouncing on the balls of my feet with my heels hardly touching and I felt great!!!

I can't remember if I mentioned that I bought a GPS running watch, but I love it. I realized that the 5km that was was running was really 4.5km, So with my new form and the longer distance I was still able to run the 5km in 28:30.00min, I was pumped, It will take alot of work to make this new form become habit but that's what I have the winter for.......

Check out the pic of Barefoot running shoes or Vibram Five fingers shoes ( I know that doesn't make sense) but I'd like to get a pair next summer and try them out, anyone try them before????


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long Nights.....

So the Night shifts were soo Long, I stopped by a magazine shop and picked up a triathlete mag and read through that.

When I left to head home I got a cool email, It was from a father who we helped in returning his child to him, the young boy was left behind at the playground, and he helped entertain him and find his parents... Lesson here: Don't have 5 kids if your always losing your

Today I spent the day helping my friend move all day, it was alittle wet but it went well, they have a great new home.

Well back to the pool tomorrow, maybe a run aswell...
(here are more Pics of the twins)

The Proud Father with his 2 boys........
Mommy (my sister) with her 2 new babies..............

Heidi with one of her new nephews

Grandma with Her 1st and 2nd Grandchildren...... (my mom)

Monday, November 2, 2009

My 2 nephews...

Hello all,
Today my sister had twins, they are healthy and Katie is doing well too...

The whole family went in to see them today, I missed out in it because I was working last night. And slept in....

But tonight at work I was able to sneak down and see my new nephews, they are soo cute... Here's a pic


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I'm a Uncle

Hello all,
I slept in till around now, and I'm off to work in a sec, Just wanted to let you know I'm a new Uncle.... My sister just had Twins and they are healthy boys!!!

I'm a Uncle

Hello all,
I slept in till around now, and I'm off to work in a sec, Just wanted to let you know I'm a new Uncle.... My sister just had Twins and they are healthy boys!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween!!

Well I guess Halloween is not till tomorrow but I work day shift tomorrow So I guess I wish everyone a happy Halloween tonight.

Today at work the annual Picks started where you choose what division you'd like to work in next year, I wanted to stay in central division but it would mean walking the beat for another year, the people are awesome here but I'll still hang out with them next year, when my pick came along I picked West division, by working West I'll join up again with my Field trainer and work in the area where I feel I can dig and create my own work, I can't wait it should be a fun year...... No walking in snow storms this year! lol

Tonight we went to my Sisters place and carved Pumpkins, mines shown in the Pic, also we cooked up the seeds they tasted great...

I've been looking at triathlons I want to try next year, I won't know what ones I can enter till I get my vacation picks... There's a Triathlon race series in Marlborough, Connecticut, they have 4 different races throughout the summer so that could work awesome because my sister in law lives in Marlborough and we would love to visit them again next summer.

Well bed soon, and work early in the morning...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super Ken.....

Hello all,

I had a good day today, I went to the pool with my coach, Well he's not a real coach but he's a friend from work that has been a paddler his whole life. In their off season they would swim alot so he's a real good swimmer.

So I have been talking to him and he wanted to get back to the pool so today he hit the pool, we did alot of drills and it was nice to have a set of eyes watching me to see the things I needed to change. It was a good session and there's more to come.

When Heidi got home she wanted to go shopping, if you know Heidi you know that's odd and when you get the chance you jump at it...

We headed out to the mall and Heidi got alot of great clothes, (I'm sure she'll have a post about them on her blog)

I also went shopping as you can see in the pic...... (the underwear)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Running Form...

Hello all,

Today I headed to the pool with my 70yr old Homies, I had a good swim with alittle gossip, I worked on breathing ever 4 breaths...

Question: Whats better; Breathing every 4 breaths or every 3 breaths bilaterally ??

I've been doing alot of reading about running, I know I have bad form so I'm trying to get a few tips about imprioving my form. Check out this post called The Perfect Form or I have it below...



Head Tilt: How you hold your head is key to overall posture, which determines how efficiently you run. Let your gaze guide you. Look ahead naturally, not down at your feet, and scan the horizon. This will straighten your neck and back, and bring them into alignment. Don't allow your chin to jut out.

Shoulders: Shoulders play an important role in keeping your upper body relaxed while you run, which is critical to maintaining efficient running posture. For optimum performance, your shoulders should be low and loose, not high and tight. As you tire on a run, don't let them creep up toward your ears. If they do, shake them out to release the tension. Your shoulders also need to remain level and shouldn't dip from side to side with each stride.

Arms: Even though running is primarily a lower-body activity, your arms aren't just along for the ride. Your hands control the tension in your upper body, while your arm swing works in conjunction with your leg stride to drive you forward. Keep your hands in an unclenched fist, with your fingers lightly touching your palms. Imagine yourself trying to carry a potato chip in each hand without crushing it. Your arms should swing mostly forward and back, not across your body,between waist and lower-chest level. Your elbows should be bent at about a 90-degree angle. When you feel your fists clenching or your forearms tensing, drop your arms to your sides and shake them out for a few seconds to release the tension.

Torso: The position of your torso while running is affected by the position of your head and shoulders. With your head up and looking ahead and your shoulders low and loose, your torso and back naturally straighten to allow you to run in an efficient, upright position that promotes optimal lung capacity and stride length. Many track coaches describe this ideal torso position as "running tall" and it means you need to stretch yourself up to your full height with your back comfortably straight. If you start to slouch during a run take a deep breath and feel yourself naturally straighten. As you exhale simply maintain that upright position.

Hips: Your hips are your center of gravity, so they're key to good running posture. The proper position of your torso while running helps to ensure your hips will also be in the ideal position. With your torso and back comfortably upright and straight, your hips naturally fall into proper alignment--pointing you straight ahead. If you allow your torso to hunch over or lean too far forward during a run, your pelvis will tilt forward as well, which can put pressure on your lower back and throw the rest of your lower body out of alignment. When trying to gauge the position of your hips, think of your pelvis as a bowl filled with marbles, then try not to spill the marbles by tilting the bowl.

Legs/Stride: While sprinters need to lift their knees high to achieve maximum leg power, distance runners don't need such an exaggerated knee lift--it's simply too hard to sustain for any length of time. Instead, efficient endurance running requires just a slight knee lift, a quick leg turnover, and a short stride. Together, these will facilitate fluid forward movement instead of diverting (and wasting) energy. When running with the proper stride length, your feet should land directly underneath your body. As your foot strikes the ground, your knee should be slightly flexed so that it can bend naturally on impact. If your lower leg (below the knee) extends out in front of your body, your stride is too long.

Ankles/Feet: To run well, you need to push off the ground with maximum force. With each step, your foot should hit the ground lightly--landing between your heel and midfoot--then quickly roll forward. Keep your ankle flexed as your foot rolls forward to create more force for push-off. As you roll onto your toes, try to spring off the ground. You should feel your calf muscles propelling you forward on each step. Your feet should not slap loudly as they hit the ground. Good running is springy and quiet.


The Human Body Is Built for Distance

I was reading another blog yesterday, sorry I can't remember which one, they had a link to a NYTIMES story that was called "The Human Body Is Built for Distance" It's worth the read as well there's a great video that i threw at the bottom of this post, check it out.
Now you won't see me running barefoot but there's alot of truth to the idea....

Today I am off to the bike shop to pick up some tire tubes, when i got my bike the previous owner had only used it once over 5 yrs, so when I pumped up the tires and took them for a spin I realized I had a slow leak in both, I tried everything to find the leak and I can't so I figured I'll get some new ones, sitting there for 5 yrs wasn't the best for them anyways...

After the Bike shop I'll hit the pool, went for a good session last night, I did a few speed drills to help work on cardio, the funny thing was that when I pushed myself hard I found my body getting in the right position without even thinking about it,,, too bad I couldn't keep that speed up for the distance I


Monday, October 26, 2009

Read this great Post....

Hello all,
Just got in from Night court and I won.... Yippee... Even tho it was just a traffic ticket!
Want you to check out this great post at Commitment is Liberating it's about beginner tips for triathlon.... Thanks Krista

Long night....Now morning...

It was a slower night at work, I was walking the beat downtown and when there's nobody out it males for a long night.

After working all night I had court at 9am this morning so that made the night/day alot longer...

I just got back from court, Now I need to hit the sac, I'll post another full post later


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Night Downtown.......Working!

Through a blog I read, I came across These 8 Tips to Qualify for Kona, Now I don't plan on qualifying for Kona next year, but if you look at the tips and generalize them they will help with your outlook.

The Best Tip is #1 -First you just need to decide. And I don’t mean one of those half-assed decisions that you know just won't stick, This one hit home for me because for the last 2 yrs I have been telling Heidi that I'm gonna get in shape, and I have been saying that for 2 yrs now, no word of a lie.

But not until I truly decided to train for a Triathlon have I stuck to any plan, It's been over a month now that I have been training, and my body is feeling great (sore) I see the weight starting to come off and I have more energy, I know as the cold weather comes it will get harder, But I know I'll stay on course by reading all my new Tri friends blogs and just the desire to complete a triathlon......

So keep those posts coming they help us all out!

It's Gonna be a wet night at work tonight, I am on night shifts tonight, and I am walking the beat this cycle, It should be busy downtown tonight, but it is also gonna be wet, It's already raining tonight, and it shows rain for the next 2 days.... So my next post will be soggy! lol


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Triathlon Song

Found this on YouTube in no way will you find this on MTV, but it's not

Walking the beat....

Today was my first day back after my vacation, when I checked the roster I found out that I was back on the beat, walking Quinpool Rd.

One thing that I enjoyed is that there's a Bike shop on the beat where I stopped in and talked to the shop owner and checked out biking shoes that are on my wish list...

After the bike shop I stopped in a trail shop and looked at the Garmin Forerunner which is also on my wish list, it will be nice to see what pace I am running at...

Watching alittle baseball tonight, then back to work tomorrow.

Tomorrow on my lunch break I'll hit the Gym for a Bike work out....

later all


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last day of vacation...

(This is the pool I swim at --->)

Well today is my last day of Vacation, It was a good vacation at home minus the back pain I had from hurting my back at physio, The pain is still there 24/7 but is getting weaker and weaker.

This morning I hit the pool earlier then normal because i have court at 1:30pm today, I loved it earlier because it was almost empty, I did 1 warm up lap then decided to go for my personal best, I started and at 75m i felt OK, so I went for 1 more length I made it, the last 25m was alittle sloppy but I did 100m without stopping, it felt great! It makes my goal of 750m feel alittle closer.

There's a female swimmer at the pool who swims like a fish, one of my old timer buddies told me that she is in her 50's (looks like her late 30's to early 40's) and at one time she had a chance to go to the Olympics.

She was there today, I didn't want to bother her during her swim but as she was getting ready to get out of the pool I said hello, and picked her brain and got a few tips, which I tried out.

My favorite tip which I'll use every time I hit the pool will be using the Swimming Pull Buoy, I used it for about 6 lengths, I liked it alot, but it took alittle getting used to keeping your body straight.

Question: What are your favorite swimming drills?

Well off to HQ now to get all dressed up for court, I hope it's a quick one today, last time in court it took forever...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swim and Run..

Hello all,

I was alittle under the weather yesterday but I'm feeling great today.

So this morning I woke up and played alittle NHL 10 on the PS3 then headed to the pool, I had my new goggles in hand and when I got to the pool it was filled with all my new swimming buddies, made a new friend again, Mike, Mikes alittle closer to my age only about 30yrs

I tried out the new goggles they were great, I was able to see alot more, they were comfortable and water tight.

Today at the pool I worked on bilateral breathing and just mainly did 1 lap at a time, I felt powerful, I'm seeing the improvement.

After the pool I headed home and decided that I would try a run today as well, I got home changed into my running gear had alittle snack and some water and headed out.

Being the first time I tried this I knew I wouldn't be as fast so I set a Goal of 30mins for the 5km's. The first have was great, but when I turned around and hit the first hill on the way back my legs felt so heavy, I pushed through, when i neared the end I looked at my watch and noticed I had around 1min to make my Goal of 30mins, I pushed and dug deep and cam ein at 29:57.... Not bad and I feel pretty good now...

Today and tommorrow then my Vacation is over :(


Off to the Pool

So I'm feeling better today, and I'm off to the pool I got new goggles, they are called Seal XP, They are about twice the size of your normal swim goggles. They offer more visibility and are watertight. I hate when water gets in while swimming.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Downer Day

Today was a downer day....

I woke up early this morning because I couldn't sleep in, I was just restless. When I got up I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat, I didn't eat till about 1pm. All day I felt cold and couldn't get warm, Much of the day was spent laying on the couch watching TV.

I planned on going to the pool for a swim, but the was I felt I decided to stay home and try to get better, I popped alot of pills and pumped alot of water into.

I ended up going to a movie with my brother to see "Where the wild things are" I remember the reading the book as a child, I popped into chapters to read the book the other day, to refresh.

The Movie was good I would give it about a 7.5- 8 out of 10, the visual shots were cool, and there were funny laugh out loud moments. But really they only had so much to work with, overall it was worth maybe renting...

BTW I'm feeling better now, off to the pool tomorrow...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kona Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2008 1 Hour Video....


Favorite Triathlon Story: Dick & Rick Hoyt

Today is a Cold damp day, I took the day off training after a great week, Back in the pool tomorrow. As I was sitting here watching alittle football, My Cowboys have a bye week, I popped on the computer and wanted to watch a feel good story, So I popped on and watched this.... One of the Best stories around

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My new 70 yr old friends

I have gone swimming the last 3 days and have been improving, yesterday I was able to swim for 75m without stopping, that's a ling from 3 weeks ago when 15m did me in.... I did 75m 3 times, 50m a few times then worked on drills, working on bilateral breathing...

It's funny Heidi makes fun of me
Because I have made friends with all the 70-80yr olds at the pool, and I know all the gossip..

Well today since I have been swimming alot the past 3 weeks a decided to hit the pavement, I headed out and I was feeling good but at the half way mark I realized I was behind.... I tried to push it but it was uphill for a while but in the home stretch I dug deep and was happy with my time of 27:19 for 5km... Maybe run again tomorrow then back to the pool....

Later all

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Race Car Tounge

My Sister in-law came for the weekend, bringing her two awesome kids (Jonah and Nate) They are full of energy, Here's Jonah playing need for speed, he still needs to work out the
Watch Jonah he has the Michael Jordan going on...

2009 Ironman Championship

I've been watching alot of videos on youtube, I think I like this one because of the
Enjoy...anyone know when u can see the race on ESPN?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello all,
My back is feeling better today, I sent the morning cleaning around the apartment building (we're part-time supers), after that I headed to work to cleanup alittle file work then picked up Heidi.

Since my back is feeling better I went to the pool at 6:30-7:30... It was a good session, I focused on my leg kick and I was feeling strong doing my laps. I didn't try to more then a lap at a time, didn't want to get sloppy, tomorrow I'll push it alittle more...
Later all

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Close call....

Hello all,
I'm on vacation and enjoying it, this morning I had to run into the office to tie up a couple loose ends, it was a beautiful fall day when i was heading out so i decided to take my motorcycle... As i was pulling into working i could feel that the weather was changing well by the time I left work it changed.....It was raining. Well I approached the first stop light, it had just started to rain so the road was water and oil, I noticed that the don't walk hand was flashing didn't realize that it had been going for a while, I decided to accelerate through the light, as I hit the gas the light changed.

Now I had to decide to run the red light or try to stop, I attempted to stop....I geared down and eased on the breaks...I realized I wasn't gonna make it, I squeezed the brakes alittle more, then I lost it, I felt the uneasy feeling of the rear end catching up tot he front end by going sideways....

I didn't panic, at this point the light was red, the other green, The cars at the light just sat there, they must have seen what was happening...... I hit the gas and accelerated pulling the bike straight, the bike righted and I went through the Red then pulled over to compose myself, then off home I went

Monday Myself and Heidi, Nathan and Chole went for a hike, It's call prospect Bay and it's a great walk along the shore.... Enjoy the pics.
Trying to do a hand stand..

Nathan taking pics down by the water with this $5 Yard sale camera.

Alittle help from photshop.

The Group of us...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Valley Harvest Marathon

Heidi was alittle nervous and upset at herself before this marathon, she didn't train as much for it and didn't feel aswell going into it, But she has been busy working and going to school (mid-terms), and just life in general....But I knew she would do well. She came in at 1:48.00..Congrats
Heidi putting her chip onto her shoe, we made sure it went on her fastest foot....every second

Heidi Trying to make herself feel good about her number.... Missing Church and this number...She thought the day may have a evil twist.

Heidi at the start looking alittle cold... pushed her way up with all the elite runners.

The First 100m, those hands still look alittle cold.

This pic is before the 1 Km mark, they went though the township and looped back.

The Host of the marathon was Acadia University in WolfVille Nova Scotia, a beautiful town and university.

This was the fastest Female.... it's all in the socks!

This is Heidi with the cheater, the female to the right took a shortcut, cutting off 3km, Heidi saw her sneak off, But Heidi still caught the cheater........

Feels great and sore....

Getting some fuel! Not too much Turkey is Next at Moms...MMMMmmmm

I'm proud of her!
The video below is s walking up to the start....


Quick Post: Congrats Heidi

(Heidi to the far Left)
I just wanted to make a quick Post say Congrats to Heidi who just ran her Second half Marathon, she completed it in 1:48.00, She did awesome I'm so proud

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sore Back

Well Yesterday I went to the pool for a bout an hour before work, I started out alittle rough I felt like I took a few steps backwards. Half was through my lesson I got things back on track and was able to get things done.

After the swimming session I had a Physio session booked so I head there to get my leg worked on. So the physio guy up the intensity on the exercises, which at the time felt good, but by the time I went to work my back felt alittle tight.

It was a busy night at work non-stop, so when my lunch came around I decided to chill down on the sofa in the lunch room, bad move, by the time my lunch was over I walked upstairs as if I was old man, My back was all seized up.

It doesn't help sitting ion the police car leaning over typing on the computer too, and of course near the end of the night I got in a foot pursuit with 2 guys, got one sore back and all...

So all day now I've stretching and trying to do anything to loosen up my back, tonight being a long weekend (Canada's Thanksgiving) and all will be crazy downtown..

Should be fun, I haven't forgot about talking about my new book, next post I guess...



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going swimming / New book

I'm heading out the door to go swimming, when I get back I'll throw up a post got a new tri book loving it...


Monday, October 5, 2009

I didn't sink....

Well I went swimming again....

For something that I'm not too good at I really love going to the pool, I guess I can be thank full for that.

I find swimming fun and a good challenge. as I see small improvements in swimming I see myself getting that much closer to be able to go out there and Do a Triathlon...

So the last few times I went swimming I felt good and I was able to go up and down the pool one lap at a time and feel good, I'd take alittle rest then do another lap, I have been staying about 1 hour 15 mins and enjoying it trying to get as many laps in as I can, Today I decided to try 2 laps without stopping I did I few warm up laps then went for it and did it, I felt good too, So 2 other times during my swim I did it, during the end I was trying to work on my kick, I find my legs dropping alittle.... Any tips?

Question: For your First Triathlon how was your swim? Did you freestyle the whole time? How did u feel?