Friday, November 20, 2009

The Torch and Crosby come to Town.

The Olympic Torch made its way to town the other night and my shift was working.

They were not planning for huge crowds until the released that Crosby would be carring the torch for the second to last leg.

The area I was posted was were Crosby would hand of the Torch, we had everything under control until Crosby made it to my location then everyone would crazy, they had no regard for police orders and didn;t mind if they walked on kids to get where they want to be, after we regained order we made our way down tot he stage for the concert and snowboarding stunts, when your are working during these events it's great becasue you get front row seats!!

On the Triathlon front I have been slacking alittle late, I hope to get to the pool tomorrow and maybe go for a run to jump start things again......

We've been having amazing weather here for late November so I think I'll take the Motorcycle out for a spin.....Later


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  1. I've never seen the torch but I think it would be so exciting! I've never been to the games either.