Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back at the pool

So It's been Nov 6th since I was in the pool, even since then I slacked on all forms of working out.
So tonight before I head back to work tomorrow I wanted to hit the pool.

I went to the Lane swim and the pool was busy, there were 2 water exercise classes going on, so the lanes were cut down to 2 lanes.  So when I jumped in both lanes ahd 3 people in them, alittle crowded but it worked out well, The only thing is that the 2 weeks out of the pool showed, I was having a hard time but I stayed the hour and put in a good number of laps.

It felt good to be back in tho,

Tomorrow at work I'll jump on the bike in the gym and do alittle weights, this should kick start me again...


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  1. Seems everyone is getting "back" into the pool these days...I think most people are finally done with their post season fog and are starting to refocus in anticipation of next year.