Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swim and Run..

Hello all,

I was alittle under the weather yesterday but I'm feeling great today.

So this morning I woke up and played alittle NHL 10 on the PS3 then headed to the pool, I had my new goggles in hand and when I got to the pool it was filled with all my new swimming buddies, made a new friend again, Mike, Mikes alittle closer to my age only about 30yrs older..lol

I tried out the new goggles they were great, I was able to see alot more, they were comfortable and water tight.

Today at the pool I worked on bilateral breathing and just mainly did 1 lap at a time, I felt powerful, I'm seeing the improvement.

After the pool I headed home and decided that I would try a run today as well, I got home changed into my running gear had alittle snack and some water and headed out.

Being the first time I tried this I knew I wouldn't be as fast so I set a Goal of 30mins for the 5km's. The first have was great, but when I turned around and hit the first hill on the way back my legs felt so heavy, I pushed through, when i neared the end I looked at my watch and noticed I had around 1min to make my Goal of 30mins, I pushed and dug deep and cam ein at 29:57.... Not bad and I feel pretty good now...

Today and tommorrow then my Vacation is over :(



  1. Yeah.. had another great day at the pool today... went 100m without stopping... :)