Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Close call....

Hello all,
I'm on vacation and enjoying it, this morning I had to run into the office to tie up a couple loose ends, it was a beautiful fall day when i was heading out so i decided to take my motorcycle... As i was pulling into working i could feel that the weather was changing well by the time I left work it changed.....It was raining. Well I approached the first stop light, it had just started to rain so the road was water and oil, I noticed that the don't walk hand was flashing didn't realize that it had been going for a while, I decided to accelerate through the light, as I hit the gas the light changed.

Now I had to decide to run the red light or try to stop, I attempted to stop....I geared down and eased on the breaks...I realized I wasn't gonna make it, I squeezed the brakes alittle more, then I lost it, I felt the uneasy feeling of the rear end catching up tot he front end by going sideways....

I didn't panic, at this point the light was red, the other green, The cars at the light just sat there, they must have seen what was happening...... I hit the gas and accelerated pulling the bike straight, the bike righted and I went through the Red then pulled over to compose myself, then off home I went carefully.....lol

Monday Myself and Heidi, Nathan and Chole went for a hike, It's call prospect Bay and it's a great walk along the shore.... Enjoy the pics.
Trying to do a hand stand..

Nathan taking pics down by the water with this $5 Yard sale camera.

Alittle help from photshop.

The Group of us...


  1. Never a nice feeling on a bike to find the back trying to catch the front.. but congrats on making it through the incident unscathed... and nice going of the other motorists to give you space.. now over here they would have been tooting and gesticulating to get out of their way... before laughing at your predicament.

  2. Yeah.... uselly they aren;t that good, maybe someone was watching over me..