Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween!!

Well I guess Halloween is not till tomorrow but I work day shift tomorrow So I guess I wish everyone a happy Halloween tonight.

Today at work the annual Picks started where you choose what division you'd like to work in next year, I wanted to stay in central division but it would mean walking the beat for another year, the people are awesome here but I'll still hang out with them next year, when my pick came along I picked West division, by working West I'll join up again with my Field trainer and work in the area where I feel I can dig and create my own work, I can't wait it should be a fun year...... No walking in snow storms this year! lol

Tonight we went to my Sisters place and carved Pumpkins, mines shown in the Pic, also we cooked up the seeds they tasted great...

I've been looking at triathlons I want to try next year, I won't know what ones I can enter till I get my vacation picks... There's a Triathlon race series in Marlborough, Connecticut, they have 4 different races throughout the summer so that could work awesome because my sister in law lives in Marlborough and we would love to visit them again next summer.

Well bed soon, and work early in the morning...



  1. I like your pumpkin but is he crying???? Is he winking?

  2. That has got to be the most bizarre pumpkin I've ever seen. Painted black & white?!