Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cowboys vs. Eagles

It was a long slow day at work today, well I guess criminals even take it easy on sunday...
He made our picks for divisions (I moved to west where I'll be in a car and not walking the beat :) ) last week and today we picked our vacations, I was able to pick Christmas for next year, so we should be going to Heidi'd sisters if we're welcome..... My Second pick if in the end of June for the weekend where there are a couple Triathlons I am interested in...

Tomorrow my other picks will come around, I'll pick another couple in the summer and one in the fall.....

Tonight after a long day I have the great thing to cheer me up, My Dallas Cowboys are playing tonight againest the Eagles,  for first place in their division....



  1. I am a cowboy fan. Grew up watching Meredith in the Cotton Bowl ... now live near Chicago. I am a fan of any cowboy fans too!
    Great win for us.
    NikonSniper Steve

  2. Yeah we are looking good......

  3. Cowboy term has being popular in my country.If cowboy termed one to one word, it's sound very funny in my langguage.It's mean cowboy is not human's son but cow's son.I'm sorry my english not good.

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