Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I went swimming.......

It was a crazy day at work, I was non-stop all day alot of crazy people out today.....

As I put in my last post was I was was sitting in the pool parking lot nervous, it has been over a year since I went swimming and that was only once, and before that was a long time.

So I was alittel nervous as I walked into the pool, had to ask where the changing room was...Once I changed and was taking a shower before I headed in, there was another guy beside my and I felt I needed to talk to him and tell him I was new to swimming, good guy to talk too....lol Once I started to never stopped gabbing..

So I walked out to the pool, at the same time of the lane swims the other half of the pool is a exercise class mainly filled by older ladies with a few young cuties... So I was thinking they'd be laughing as I drowned later...lol

SO went over to the lane on the farside of the pool and eased in, water was nice, the first few laps were filled with nervous energy and I did the breast stroke, as I got alittle more comfortable I switch over to the freestyle.

I was surprised that I did ok with the freestyle, I found at first I was alittle tense and as I told myself to relax I performed better..... But I did realize that I needed to get my lungs back in shape, it's not the same as running cardio.....

Back again at the pool tomorrow morning.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Going for a dip!!

So I'm writing this post while I sit in the pool parking lot, I came up last night and got my membership but it was crazy busy so I passed on going swimming.

It's been about a year since I went swimming so I'm alittle nervous about going and looking like a fool...

But I have to start somewhere, as a teenager I got all my swimming levels but was never an overly strong swimmer.

But I need to bite the bullet and jump in, i'll only look out of place for a while then I'll get things going....

I'll let you know how it goes later,


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Run and Swim.....

(pic of heidi in her last marathon)

Well, I had about a week off running, my physiotherapist told me to take it easy, so I did but enough of that.

Heidi was going out for a long run because her half Marathon is fast approaching, so once we got to the 2.5 km mark she kept going and I turned around and headed back, the first 2.5km was alittle faster then normal, I was afraid it may gas me for the finish, but it ended up helping, I finished the 5km with a time of 26:23

My best time since I started to get back in shape, Looks like my body is responding to this fitness thing! lol

Tonight at 6:30pm the pool has lane swims so I'll head down there and do a few laps..


Down to 2 Bikes....

So after getting fitted properly, I have narrowed my search down to 2 of the 3 bikes, the Newer bike was too big for me.

So it's now down to:

Bike #1 2001 - Trek 2300 - Rolf Vector pro wheels and Shimano Ultegra components, 2001 edition, 56 cm. The bike was crashed so some damage tot he shifters. - $500.00

Bike #2 2001 Trek 1000 with Sora components, bike in perfect condition, only used a few times in the last 3 years, The owner is throwing in her trainer (alittle old, but works great) - $350.00

What do u think? I was leaning towards Bike #2 because it was alittle cheaper, and in better shape, and it had the trainer

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding is over....

So yesterday my little sis got married,

It was a great day filled with alot of laughs and a few tears. I shed a few tears during the ceremony seeing how happy my sister was and how great her day was.

I had the job of an usher/bouncer keeping people off the center isle, so that felt like home to me. I was in charge of opening the doors to the hall as the bride maids and then the bride walked in, after the wedding we went and did family photos then the wedding party went off and did others ones, I went along to help out however I could, and they are going to have awesome pics.

At the dinner, I was about the4th person to get up and give a speech, I was trying not to ruin my reputation as a cop by crying but I let a few tears go. ( It is my baby sister)

The groom came up after the reception and told me my speech was 1 of the 2 that made him cry, we share a different relationship where we are good friends, but since my sister and him broke up a few times we had to put our friendship on hold as I told him the things he had to hear!

But now I couldn't be more happy for the two of them,

Love ya Adam and Beth


Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Bells....

Well today my little sis is getting married,
Just for fun I decided to cut my hair and have a MoHawk, I did it yesterday and my sis flipped when she saw it, I told her I was keeping it, She said she'd call mom if I didn't cut it, So I left it till this morning, when I woke up the girls were heading out to get there hair done, and again mt sis said she'll never speak to me if I leave it.....lol
So I need to run and get my hair cut and shave and find a suit to wear since I'n a usher,
Later all

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well I went to Physio yesterday....

The guy performed alot of tests on my legs and back to find out what issues I have, After he listed off all the issues it made sense way I have pain.

The main thing is that I was weak abductors (well really weak) and my right Quad is 4.5 cm smaller then my left, that's from after my ACL surgery. He said that 2cm is a significant amount so 4.5 will require some work.

Also once we fix all these issues we found out that my right leg is alittle longer then my right, he thinks he could be all the muscle issues cause my pelvis to tilt making one leg longer, anyways He gave me a bunch of exercises to work on and I'll go back in 2 weeks.

Enough about my problems, I need some sleep, It was a long night shift, off to bed to wake up in 5hrs for a massage.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5km run...

It was soo nice out today so I wanted to get out for a run today before I headed to work tonight. I decided to do a 5km distance, which before would have been a breeze, but I have to push it now.

So I left for the run with the goal of 35mins as a realistic goal for the 5km, I headed out with my new shoes and they felt great, I was feeling good, but as I made the turn at halfway I realized that I had to push it alittle on the way back.

There's one section near the end that's a steady climb and as I got there I was feeling alittle gassed, but i dug deep and picked up the pace when I started to slow and to my surprise I finished the 5km at 28mins 43secs... I was pumped.

On my lunch break tonight I may hit the gym and do some biking...

later all


Work and Play

I was working again yesterday, It was a beautiful day here in the city it was around 8 degrees in the morning when I drove my bike into work but it warmed up to 21 degrees, I was walking the beat up didn't spend much time on it, I spent most of the day in the office doing paperwork.

Alot of time people don't realize how much paperwork is behind the work police do.

Well when My shift was over I was dead, two nights in a row I didn't get much sleep and lst night was the same, I went over to a buddies place from my cadet class to watch the Monday Night Football game, which was a really good game....It went down to the wire and Miami choked on the 2 min drill....I know what they will be practicing this week.

Again it is a beautiful day here so I think I'll be off for a run to get some miles in before working tonight.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Work Today....

I went back to work today after 12 days off,

It was hard, I was up late last night playing NHL 10 with a bunch of buddies then I was up early for work, work was slow today I was able to get some file work done which is always nice.

On my Lunch hour I went to the gym and got on the Bike for about 40mins, which felt great I did some hard sprints and the legs got a good workout.

Check out my last post, I added some specs.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Bike should I buy?

Hello all,
I am looking for some advice, I have found a few used bikes that I am looking to get, I wanted to spend around $500.00 for a good used bike.
I want to know what you guys think, should I grab one of these or keep on looking through the the winter?
Thanks in advance for the help.. I believe I take a size 56.. the guy at the cycle shop said with a Gaint I'd take a Small, or just maybe a medium,
These are the bikes ad's
BIKE #1 CRD SERIES 4 Norco Road Bike (2006-07 ish)
CRD Norco Road bike including accessories, Bike is in mint condition. Never fell with it and has no damage at all.Accessories include clipless pedals, specialized road shoes, cyclecomputer, helmet.Frame size 56/58, shoe size 10
Bike #2 Trek 2300 Road Bike
Smooth in the corners...handles like butter! Rolf Vector pro wheels and Shimano Ultegra components, 2001 edition, 56 cm.
*** New ***Shimano Ultegra shifters circa 2001, shifters and brakes combined. One crash so one cap on brake hood missing but works well. Will include dura ace pedals again circa 2001. No frame damage or creaks/cracks. Aluminum frame/carbon fork.
Bike #3 Trek 1000 Road Bike
56 cm frame. Either a 2000 or 2001. Excellent condition. Purchased used 3 years ago and its been driven once by me as I prefer my mountain bike.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New shoes...

Well I can definitely say that I have new shoes!

In the last 24hrs I've had 3 pairs of new running shoes.
I first bought a pair of Nike running shoes, but I take a neutral shoes, and I needed alittle wider shoes, I took the Nike's for a run but found that they were too narrow and hurt my foot....So those went back!
Next I bought a pair of saucony running shoes because they tend to run wider, before I even tried them out I was at another store and found another pair of Saucony's that I like better so I got those, I'll take the second ones back tomorrow!
I Just hate when I'm returning stuff I found the stores try to make you feel like a criminal, But they are going back! ....lol


Hello all,
I've been looking at used exercise bikes, thinking about picking one up for the winter, I was just looking for some tips about what I should look for, what to stay away from, or will any exercise bike do the trick?

Thanks kenny

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just one step....

So I had a full day today, I was running around and also got in a 2 hour game of tennis, My tennis game was actually looking really good.

Tonight when H was at my sisters wedding shower I decided to go for another run, the run was the same one I had alittle trouble with last night.

So I started my run (with my new shoes) and I headed out, I came to the big hill where I had issues the other night, but I took a big bite of pride and I made it up, only to to down the other side turn around and go back up it again..... I was doing good until the last little hill i just wanted to walk for alittle bit, I started to feel the pain and just for one step I stopped to walk, then I yelled at myself (yes out loud) and started running again, for the next little while my muscles were yelling at me and I was yelling back at them, good thing nobody was around...lol

It feels good to be back at it again, still have a long road ahead this Fall/winter to get back into shape.


Off to the Dr's

Today I headed to the local Walk-in Clinic to get a doctors note to head to the Massage therapist and Physio clinic.

The thing is I'm glad I'm not going tot he clinic with a actual sickness, I've been there before and I fell that i am smarter then the doctor, I don't know if it's Canada's lack of Doctors that they will accept anyone, but this guy is clueless.

He told me that my lower back pain had no connection to my pulled hamstring injury, he only wrote me a note for massage and wouldn't write it for Physio. So anyways I left and after seeing the massage therapist today, I', going back to a different Dr to get a note for the Physio I needed and the Massage therapist backed up.

The Massage therapist told me that my quads were over developed and that my hams and glutes were weaker causing some tendon issues between my hams and glutes, So they will fix it up with hard work and Physio.

Part 2 of my day later:


Celebrity Triathletes

It's funny the other day it was like a sign from my television, I had decided to start getting in shape to run a triathlon next summer, and on TV there was a segment on TMZ about Terri Hatcher and Mario Lopez doing a triathlon.

At first glance I thought it looked alittle cheesy, Mario with no shirt and Teri stripping down, But really these celebrities are raising money for charity and they are staying in shape, it's nothing for a celebrity to give away alittle of their millions, but to go out and be active good on them.

What do u think?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A nice night for a run...

I went for a run tonight, instead of going by myself and setting my own pace I went with H.
Well just look at the pic to see how that went!
But in the end it was good, H pushed me to my limit and got me to see the hard work that is ahead, It's sad that since I left training I let my self slip, I really didn't gain too much weight, maybe 5Lbs, but I lost my cardio. So there was points tonight I wanted to quit, I just took a few deep breaths and kept going, and when I was done in a small way I was proud, back at it again tomorrow.

Book giveaway.....

Once you read click here to enter - This Write-up is from the giveaways site.
This is a momentous occasion on "Commitment is Liberating." My first giveaway! I am giving away a copy of Sarah Reinertsen's new book, In a Single Bound: Losing My Leg, Finding Myself, and Training for Life.

I ordered Sarah's book 'used' on Amazon last week (I get all my books as used) and when it showed up it was actually brand new! I read her awesome memoir in just three days. The book is about her amazing story of growing up with a physical disability, overcoming unbelievable adversity and finishing multiple marathons and an Ironman!

I first heard about Sarah after watching her attempt her first Ironman in Kona in 2004. She didn't make the cut-off time for the bike and could not finish the race. But, she is a fighter and she came back in 2005 and kicked butt at Kona, finishing in just over 15 hours.

I really enjoyed Sarah's story and I think all of you would too. You will definitely laugh and you might just cry a bit too. So, with the spirit of giving, I'm going to giveaway my slightly used copy to one lucky reader!

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Now, I know I've entered about a 100 blog giveaways and I've never received anything, but, I really don't have too many readers so you actually have a good chance of winning! Good luck!


Well Yesterday was a rainy day here in Halifax, So as I sat getting bored watching TV I decided to go check out bikes.

I headed to the local bike shop where I knew they knew their stuff and they're always willing to help, I used to get my mountain bike serviced there.

So I walked in and explained to the salesman what I wanted, I explained how my last bike was alittle too small and I needed something alittle bigger, he showed me a bunch of bikes which got me excited, we settled on one that works for me and I thanked him and went my way.

My goal is to sell my motorcycle first then look for a bike, I just wanted to see whats out there.
Off for a run later today,

NHL 10

Well I am still on my vacation,

Yesterday EA sports released NHL 10 and to kick it off right my future brother in law got 6 tickets to a NHL preseason and the whole gang went. It was a good game but not all the starters were playing.

The teams were Ottawa and Florida, Florida had more stars playing then Ottawa, it was a enjoyable game the players were soo fast.

Now today I am sitting in front of the TV playing NHL 10, gotta get out and run later

Check gogokennygo out

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well I'm On Vacation, I'm not really doing anything for it, but I am relaxing.

I have been trying to plan a trip to the states next cycle that I am off in October but I am hitting alot of road blocks.

I was hoping to go down to California with my brother and watch a NFL football game then take in all the sights, the problem is that we both want to use Areoplan miles to fly there and back, in an attempt to save money. But we can't find a flight into any airport in California, we found one back but none in, so it's not looking good.

I think I'll end up spending the day today looking at other options.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Going for a run....

Well tonight I went for a run, nothing too odd, but I felt alittle different, This run was the start of my road to a Triathlon.

Long I have dreamed about running a Triathlon, to me it is the pinnacle of fitness, and I used to take pride in my fitness but I let that slip. But I have started down the road to getting into shape by setting a goal of completing a Triathlon.

Look for my new site that will keep u updated...


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres joins "American Idol" as 4th judge

One of My favorite shows has a new judge, Ellen will be joining idol as a new judge, She'll add a comedy side to the show, I can't wait....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HDR Photos

These Pics were taken on my Iphone and edited on my Iphone with a App called HDR, it's not the true HDR but still makes the photos look great...