Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please pray for the families


This is a part of my job that always has to be in the back of my mind, as I go about my day as "Kenny" I can blend in and nobody will bother me, but when I put on my uniform and head to work some people see it as a hugh target.

Sometimes we are the people that are knocking on someones door to take them away for a while, or we are seen as the reason for the troubles in their lives, and they want to take that anger out on us...

This hit Home the other day as someone from my cadet class was hit at a traffic stop as the driver tried to get away... PLease Pray for him too.

But when I turned on the news and saw this story it made me sad, and I knew I needed to pass along the need to pray for the families of these brave officers, if you don't pray then please remember them.

May God Bless



  1. Amen to that KO. My best friend was killed after stopping a suspected stolen vehicle. What happened to him (and eventually the killers) changed my outlook on my job forever, hence my attitude that `routine` is more likely to kill you that a lone psycho. But that doesn't make the tragedy in Tacoma any less shocking - especially as it seems they were just making up their books as part of the daily `routine`.

  2. No-one deserves to be a target just because of the job that they do, peace to every one of the victims, and best wishes for your colleague as he recovers xx