Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Human Body Is Built for Distance

I was reading another blog yesterday, sorry I can't remember which one, they had a link to a NYTIMES story that was called "The Human Body Is Built for Distance" It's worth the read as well there's a great video that i threw at the bottom of this post, check it out.
Now you won't see me running barefoot but there's alot of truth to the idea....

Today I am off to the bike shop to pick up some tire tubes, when i got my bike the previous owner had only used it once over 5 yrs, so when I pumped up the tires and took them for a spin I realized I had a slow leak in both, I tried everything to find the leak and I can't so I figured I'll get some new ones, sitting there for 5 yrs wasn't the best for them anyways...

After the Bike shop I'll hit the pool, went for a good session last night, I did a few speed drills to help work on cardio, the funny thing was that when I pushed myself hard I found my body getting in the right position without even thinking about it,,, too bad I couldn't keep that speed up for the distance I


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