Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hitting my stride

Hello all,

I hit the Pool yesterday and had a great workout, starting to do more drills to make me efficient.

Recently I have been doing alot of reading about running form, and one area that interested me was barefoot running. Now you won't see me running down the road barefooted but when you see all the benefits you'd think twice. But one thing you can take from it is that when you run barefoot your body will quickly find the proper form, i did a few tests around the house and today when I went for a run I tried to use the stuff I learned.

I had realized that when I was running I was landing on my heel alot, which is terrible form and can lead to injuries, one thing barefoot runners talk about is how running shoes allow you to have bad form like that because all the cushioning allows you to hit the ground wrong and hardly feel it, I today I was bouncing on the balls of my feet with my heels hardly touching and I felt great!!!

I can't remember if I mentioned that I bought a GPS running watch, but I love it. I realized that the 5km that was was running was really 4.5km, So with my new form and the longer distance I was still able to run the 5km in 28:30.00min, I was pumped, It will take alot of work to make this new form become habit but that's what I have the winter for.......

Check out the pic of Barefoot running shoes or Vibram Five fingers shoes ( I know that doesn't make sense) but I'd like to get a pair next summer and try them out, anyone try them before????



  1. I know quite a few people that run in them. What Ihave heard is that it is great for your body but does take some adjustment time. You will have some very sore calves for the first couple of weeks.

  2. yeah that is what I heard, even today after adjusting my foot strike i felt it more in the calves,,,

  3. Hey Kennyo! What type of GPS watch did you get?

  4. I got the Garmin forerunner 301... off ebay for $115.... I'm happy with it

  5. I run in the Nike Frees and I really like them.

  6. cool you should definitely try em, that site that you linked to has some decent reviews on the different types of vibram five fingers. there's one on the kso and sprint which is interesting