Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Valley Harvest Marathon

Heidi was alittle nervous and upset at herself before this marathon, she didn't train as much for it and didn't feel aswell going into it, But she has been busy working and going to school (mid-terms), and just life in general....But I knew she would do well. She came in at 1:48.00..Congrats
Heidi putting her chip onto her shoe, we made sure it went on her fastest foot....every second

Heidi Trying to make herself feel good about her number.... Missing Church and this number...She thought the day may have a evil twist.

Heidi at the start looking alittle cold... pushed her way up with all the elite runners.

The First 100m, those hands still look alittle cold.

This pic is before the 1 Km mark, they went though the township and looped back.

The Host of the marathon was Acadia University in WolfVille Nova Scotia, a beautiful town and university.

This was the fastest Female.... it's all in the socks!

This is Heidi with the cheater, the female to the right took a shortcut, cutting off 3km, Heidi saw her sneak off, But Heidi still caught the cheater........

Feels great and sore....

Getting some fuel! Not too much Turkey is Next at Moms...MMMMmmmm

I'm proud of her!
The video below is s walking up to the start....


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