Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Stuffie Wars Ep 1

Hey Guys,

So I had a pretty good day of training for our riot team ( PSU Team ) today, but the fun part was coming home and making this fun video with tate. Check out the little channel we made. Drop over to youtube and leave him a like and a comment.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Becoming A Nerd

Hey guys and gals,

Today is my first day off ( I work 4 on 4 off ) and it was a busy set so I need it. last night a complex impaired driving call kept me busy, and caused me to miss my lunch. So I didn't get
a workout in last night.

So ever since we have moved into our new home I have been creating a " Man Cave" for myself ( post coming soon). In our old house we were on top of each other and had no room to breath, now that I am creating my Man Cave I have the ability to play video games and regain my nerdy side.

Just a couple weeks ago I dusted off my nerd card and stood in line up to buy Red Dead Redemption. There was about 75 people in the line ahead of me, it was worth the wait it is a awesome game.

I have also been fooling around with streaming on twitch, which is a work in progress. If you wanna follow me on twitch you can find me here.

I will keep you updated on the Man Cave and how my journey to become a nerd


Monday, November 12, 2018

Rescued from the Stairwell

Well last night was a busy Saturday night here in the city.

 It was one of those nights when you arrive at the Police Station and there are no patrol vehicles around, that's never a good sign. Once I got in the locker room and changed, then came out to fall in I learned day shift was dealing with a weaoins call.

That wrapped up and I was able to get my patrol vehicle and head out on the road. The night was busy but not too crazy. I take my lunch at either 10pm or 2am it all depends on if I want to workout (10) or maybe have alittle nap (2).

Tonight was a workout night, I went upstairs to the gym and worked on my double-unders, and did a arms workout. I find with Crossfit you don't really work on arms if you want them to grow. As I was leaving the Gym I went down the stairs, in the past you could punch in a code and get out of the stairwell, but I guess they just increased security, as you now need a code and your swipe pass to get in, and of course I did not have my swipe pass. I called and checked if the sergeant was in the office, but of course he wasn't. So I called up to the dispatcher to see if there were any units around the office. Of course seeing a window to have some fun the dispatcher aired that she was looking for a unit to rescue me from the stairwell.

I must say that was a good laugh.

I ended up leaving my zone later in the night and going to the downtown disrict as they were haivng alot of issues around the bars and needed some help, I think I ended up breaking up 4 fights and stayed busy all night.

Hope you can enjoy laughing at me too


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Police Radio Earpieces

As a Police Officer you quickly realize that your radio is one of your best friends, besides your pen it's one of the tools you use the most on the job.

Your radio can be your life line, if your fighting with a suspect alone and you need assistance there's no other way to get your fellow officers to come help then to voice it over the radio.

So it's very important that your radio is always accessible and ready to use.

This article will look at Ear Pieces, as most departments issue you a radio to use which you can not change, but you have the option to wear a earpiece or not.

Are earpieces worth the money?

There are many advantages to using an earpiece for your radio as opposed to having the audio broadcast through a speaker everyone around you can hear, but are there disadvantages?

There are many advantages to using an earpiece for your radio as opposed to having the audio broadcast through a speaker everyone around you can hear and there are also downsides, lets look at both.


  • As mentioned above the biggest Pro is not having all the radio chatter broadcast ed to everyone around - So when your dispatcher comes across the air to tell you a person your dealing with has a warrant, with a ear piece that info wont make it to the suspect giving you the element of surprise. 
  • Helps in loud environments. A earpiece will help a lot if working in large crowds or at a concert as it feels like the communication is right inside your head. With just a normal mic in a loud environment you will loose alot of whats being communicated to you. 
  • No interruptions - When on a call your not worried about having to talk over your radio, or your radio interrupting someone giving you a statement.  
  • Allows you to pretend your getting a hot call to get out of any situation. 


  • The earpiece can become bothersome. It won't take long for a earpiece to loose it's shape and maybe start to itch your ear. I don't know what it is about my ear canals but I think they may be misshaped lol.  I have always been a Iphone user, but the ear buds that come with those never fit proper and hurt my ears. SO if this a issue for you, you wouldn't be able to use a generic ear piece you may need to buy a custom one that would cost alot more.
  • The ear piece could fall out - if you get in a fight with a suspect your ear piece cold easily fall out of your ear cutting off your communication with your fellow officers, you could still talk out to them, but you would not hear them asking you questions coming to find you to help.
  • Cost- The wires become cracked and you will need to replace
To sum it up, this is a personal decision. Look over the Pros and Cons and decide if you wanna give one a try. Personally I have one that I use for special events like concerts or events I'll be in a large crowd but for general patrol I don't use one.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Non Stop Day Shifts

Hey Guys and Gals,

The last two day shifts had been non stop!! I enjoy it being busy over dead but when you don't get a lunch or hardly have time to eat that's where I draw the line.

I must say that on bonus of being non stop is that at the end of the day you find out you didn't eat too much and still have like 1,400 calories left to eat in a few hours, feels like your binge eating lol.

Yesterday was fun, as in the morning I had to go to the range and qualify on the C-8, for you Americans I think the same gun is the AR-16 ( correct me if I'm wrong in comments )
Halifax Airport cargo plane crash

On the way to the range I need to pass the airport, it was weird driving by and seeing a airplane crashed in the grass at the end of the runway. A few days ago due to strong crosswinds it caused a cargo plane to crash at the end of the runway. Thank fully Everyone was Ok.

After I got back from the range it was a mix of traffic accidents and dispute to take me to the end of the day.

Today I start my two nights, I hope to get to the gym before I head to work, as I find it hard to workout on night-shifts.

Anyone have tips for working out during a night shift?


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Ikea Man Cave

Hey Guys and Gals,

Hope you're enjoying your week, I'm just finishing my weekend ( Since I do 4 on 4 off ) as I go back to work tomorrow.

I must say I had pretty productive days off. On Sunday I went to a family birthday party and saw everyone after I woke up. Monday through Wednesday I made it too Crossfit and got good workouts in. 

One of the big things completed is that I got back on track eating healthy after getting into the Halloween candy. Doing the Keto diet Halloween has a bigger effect as it will easily knock you out of Ketosis, but I'm back in and I made some Keto treats to help bridge that

One thing I have been picking away at has been my " Man Cave " the pic here shows what I started with and where I'm at now. I picked up the desk off of a buy and sell, and will be replacing with an Ikea Hack. The gaming chair i purchased at staples for 50% off!!!  The shelves in the back are 3 different shelves I put together the side pieces were not meant to be floating so it took alittle extra work. This will all be capped off with a 4K TV I hope to get on black Friday. The curtains on the side cover those pipes and electrical panels.

How is it going so far? tell me what you think.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Keto Start Up Plan

Good Day Everyone,

If you follow me on any other social media ( btw I plan on focusing on my blog more ) you'd know that I follow the Keto Diet. This is my second go at it, I did it 2 years ago before it was super trendy and this time I have been doing it since February and I am down 30lbs.

Just a quick side note, Yes the Keto diet is trendy right now, and it works, but what I tell everyone is it only works if you keep doing it. In the end it comes down to being in a calorie deficiet , and if cutting out carbs doesn't work for you and you'll quit after a week you need to find another diet that's better suited for you.

I have been helping a few people at work and the gym get started on the Keto diet so I think I'll throw together a quick and simple Start up Keto plan for people.

Question: What should I call this Keto E- book?

Here's what popped in my head first... Keto Stupid and simple

What do you think? Whats your idea? Leave me a comment.


Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Ikea Guy

So recently I have been getting the Itch to buy a truck, I currently drive a little Mazda 3 which is a nice car and all but it's not a truck.

I am not 100% sure what truck I would go for, I have always wanted a Tacoma but having 3 kids now I think a Tacoma would be a little tight. After a Tacoma I would like a Ford F150 or you could talk me into a Sierra.

So how will I pay for this truck?

Being on shift work it gives me 4 days off where I could make little extra money, but what would I do?

I first explored the idea of cleaning heat pumps, when we recently moved I got a quote to have our heat pumps cleaned but decided to do it myself, I felt I did a good job and it was pretty easy, I explored that for a while but felt there were too many moving parts to start that up.

What I settled on came natural, recently here in my city Ikea moved in and having always traveled to buy Ikea stuff I was used to putting it together, Heidi ( my wife ) would always say " I can never do that " or " You should do that for other people" as I enjoyed putting together Ikea items.

So one day I threw up a Kijiji Ad and low and behold the frustrated Ikea customers starting coming.

It's been a month of picking up Ikea jobs here and there, I met my goal for the month and it didn't drive me crazy.

I have set a dollar amount that if I can achieve that each month I'd be comfortable in buying a truck.

Can I buy a truck without this " side hustle" ?

Yes I can afford a Truck payment but I like the idea of keeping our current budget as is and paying the extra money a truck would cost vs my Mazda lease by a side job.

I've learned alot this month from putting together ikea furniture, I'll share some stories as I go.