Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Night Downtown.......Working!

Through a blog I read, I came across These 8 Tips to Qualify for Kona, Now I don't plan on qualifying for Kona next year, but if you look at the tips and generalize them they will help with your outlook.

The Best Tip is #1 -First you just need to decide. And I don’t mean one of those half-assed decisions that you know just won't stick, This one hit home for me because for the last 2 yrs I have been telling Heidi that I'm gonna get in shape, and I have been saying that for 2 yrs now, no word of a lie.

But not until I truly decided to train for a Triathlon have I stuck to any plan, It's been over a month now that I have been training, and my body is feeling great (sore) I see the weight starting to come off and I have more energy, I know as the cold weather comes it will get harder, But I know I'll stay on course by reading all my new Tri friends blogs and just the desire to complete a triathlon......

So keep those posts coming they help us all out!

It's Gonna be a wet night at work tonight, I am on night shifts tonight, and I am walking the beat this cycle, It should be busy downtown tonight, but it is also gonna be wet, It's already raining tonight, and it shows rain for the next 2 days.... So my next post will be soggy! lol


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