Monday, February 28, 2011

2012 Olympic Logo

Have you seen the 2012 Olympic logo? It's a mess check it out here..

Becoming a Police Officer: Do your homework

I've been working on a page ( Become a Cop) for this site, that will aide people that are looking at a career in policing to get ready for the process. Here's Step #1

Learn your future boss:

One thing that I believe is very important when looking at becoming a Police Officer is if you have a city or area in mind that you would like to work, learn what they look for in future employees.

Most Police departments in North America have websites, and they usually dedicate a page or two to recruitment.

Here are two great examples of  recruitment pages, in the US ( NYPD ) and in Canada ( RCMP)

The Key is to look at what these departments are looking for and what you can do to give you the best chance.

Some Departments looking heavily on volunteer work, or taking part in your community, some will want a university degree others don't care at all.

The Key: Police Departments will do their homework on you, So do yours on them!!

Stay tuned for more steps.......

Sunday, February 27, 2011

83rd Oscars winners

Here are the main award nominees, I'll update the winners as they get awarded...

Actor in a Leading Role

Javier Bardem in “Biutiful”
Jeff Bridges in “True Grit”
Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network”
Colin Firth in “The King's Speech” **Winner**
James Franco in “127 Hours”

Actor in a Supporting Role
Christian Bale in “The Fighter” ** Winner**
John Hawkes in “Winter's Bone”
Jeremy Renner in “The Town”
Mark Ruffalo in “The Kids Are All Right”
Geoffrey Rush in “The King's Speech”

Actress in a Leading Role
Annette Bening in “The Kids Are All Right”
Nicole Kidman in “Rabbit Hole”
Jennifer Lawrence in “Winter's Bone”
Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” **WINNER**
Michelle Williams in “Blue Valentine”

Actress in a Supporting Role
Amy Adams in “The Fighter”
Helena Bonham Carter in “The King's Speech”
Melissa Leo in “The Fighter” ** Winner **
Hailee Steinfeld in “True Grit”
Jacki Weaver in “Animal Kingdom”

Animated Feature Film
“How to Train Your Dragon” Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois
“The Illusionist” Sylvain Chomet
“Toy Story 3” Lee Unkrich ** WINNER**

Costume Design

“Alice in Wonderland” Colleen Atwood **Winner**
“I Am Love” Antonella Cannarozzi
“The King's Speech” Jenny Beavan
“The Tempest” Sandy Powell
“True Grit” Mary Zophres

“Black Swan” Darren Aronofsky
“The Fighter” David O. Russell
“The King's Speech” Tom Hooper **Winner**
“The Social Network” David Fincher
“True Grit” Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

Best Picture

“Black Swan” Mike Medavoy, Brian Oliver and Scott Franklin, Producers
“The Fighter” David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Mark Wahlberg, Producers
“Inception” Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan, Producers
“The Kids Are All Right” Gary Gilbert, Jeffrey Levy-Hinte and Celine Rattray, Producers
“The King's Speech” Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers **Winner**
“127 Hours” Christian Colson, Danny Boyle and John Smithson, Producers
“The Social Network” Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca and Ce├ín Chaffin, Producers
“Toy Story 3” Darla K. Anderson, Producer
“True Grit” Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, Producers
“Winter's Bone" Anne Rosellini and Alix Madigan-Yorkin, Producers

Ride A-long

Every time that you strap on your belt and turn your radio on, you never know where the calls will take you, or what you'll experience out there.

First night shift I was taking out my Sister in-Law on a ride-along, I was excited to show her what I do. She had helped me when I was first looking to get into policing.  The cycle had been busy up to that point so I was hoping it was going to keep on producing good calls.

Well I don't know if the criminals heard that L was going to be out on the streets and stayed in or it was just one of those nights. I tried hard to dig us up some trouble but it just wasn't working.

We went on a few calls, and she got to hear some of the crazy requests citizens ask the Police " My boyfriend took my weed and smokes can you get it back" Oh Ok we will get right on that!

We got to ride lights and sirens once going to a weapons call, and with that call she would have seen the few minutes of excitement followed by the reports.

No matter how busy it was I had a great time with L and she's welcome back anytime in my car.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

UFC 127

Hello all,
This last cycle was pretty busy at work, I had a good time but I'm ready for my days off.

So tonight I'll kick my feet back and watch men beat each other up.

Tonight is UFC 127, if your too cheap to pay for the Pay Per View you can watch it free at UPCHUCKSPORTS 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roll up the rim is back

Roll up the rim is back at Tims, I'm not a coffee drinker but maybe I'll need to get a hot chocolate.

Well I was back to work today, there was no easing me into the routine.

Once I logged in I was going to calls and typing reports all day, I rather that then being bored.

On days off I headed to CB for time with the family. I had a great time with family, some that I haven't seen in a while.

It was fun, I stayed busy. I think it's a country thing, I spent alot of time clearing roofs off from the heavy snow.

Today the same family members came to the big city for alittle visit here, it's great to have family around.


Friday, February 18, 2011

POLICE NEWS: Poughkeepsie Mayor: 1 Officer Shot, 3 Hurt; Gunman Dead

It's always sad when you hear stories like this, and makes you thankful everytime you come home safe..

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. - Authorities say a police officer was shot and the gunman killed in a shootout near a train station in New York's Hudson Valley. Three other officers were hurt, but police haven't said what their injuries are.

Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik tells the Poughkeepsie Journal the officers were taken to a hospital.

Greg Zurawik , a spokesman for St. Francis Hospital, says the gunman died at the hospital Friday afternoon. He says the man suffered a gunshot wound but he had no other details.

Tkazyik says the officers were called to the scene by a report of shots fired in a parking lot around 1 p.m. No other details were immediately available.

Poughkeepsie is a city of about 30,000 people about 70 miles south of Albany.

Canada Games Gold Medal Game

The Gold Medal Game was a blast, I was cheering for B.C and they ended up winning...
The game went back and forth and B.C ended up winning over Quebec 7-4.

The energy was high in the building and it must be a great experience for those young kids to play in front of 10,000 people. The place was packed but alot of people left before the medals were handed out ( as seen in photo)

If you want more information on the Canada Games click here.

Canada Games Gold Medal Game (Before)

Tonight is the Gold Medal game for men's hockey for the Canada Games. Myself, my brother and my brother in-laws were given tickets to the game. The game tonight is between B.C and Quebec. 

Out of the two teams Quebec seems to be the stronger team, to me all I care about is that it's a good game.

Go Teams

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slow night

Well I'm sitting here in my patrol car after a long night.

The night started off busy then died right down.

Earlier there were a string of robberies, but sadly I didn't get on those calls.

I'm so looking forward to signing off in a hr and jumping into a warm bed and sleeping till I need to head back to work.

Question: Would you rather work day shifts or night shifts?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Police Skills: Leadership

When you go the recruitment process of a Police department, one skill they will be looking for is weather or not you are a leader.
Leadership represents a crucial determinant of police organizational efficacy. Supervisors and others in formal positions of power must engage, motivate, and guide subordinates, community members, and other local officials.

The evolving vision of patrol officers has led to a rethinking of the role of leadership even among those not possessing conventional supervisory control. Contemporary discussions about patrol personnel suggest that "every officer is a leader." Agencies desire frontline employees who can lead citizens during chaotic situations, facilitate and direct problem-solving activities, and make neighborhoods safer.

Q)What is Leadership?
A) Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”.

Are Leaders Born or Made?

This age-old question found within leadership literature frequently is answered through biographical examples of recognized leaders. The leadership sections of libraries and book stores often contain a number of texts that offer accounts of great military, political, and corporate leaders. Other examinations of this issue consider whether cultural and social events forge great leaders within the crucible of adversity, such as seen in World War II.

I Think Leaders are built through peoples life experiences, so there's hope for everyone.
Finally, to be effective, leaders must understand the crucial importance between leadership and management. Though management skills are helpful in some aspects of the profession,  But policing needed more leadership from supervisors and others throughout the organization. In particular, effective leaders avoid micromanaging the actions of subordinates and coworkers. They set a proper tone, show how the job is to be done, and give others the freedom to find ways to complete assigned duties within those parameters.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hello all,
I just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day to all my blog readers.  I'm not a big fan of Valentines Day, the commercial world has created Valentines day into a big money grab.

But I just wanted to say, I hope today you show alittle more love to everyone, if you have someone you love, cherish them. If there are people out there who love you, appreciate them. After the calender switches to Feb 15th 2011 don't let anything change


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goo Goo Dolls Live

Well I was super excited about going to see the Goo Goo Dolls last night, I had seen them live about 4 years ago and jumped at the chance to see them again.

Crash Parallel was listed as their opening act, when receiving the tickets and saw that I YouTube'd them and listened to one of their songs, I thought they sounded nice.

Well from the first song they sang I was sold on Crash Parallel, they had great songs and they put on a great show. As Crash Parallel finished  their last song I thought to myself they just showed up the Goo Goo Dolls!!

Well the Goo Goo Dolls came out and showed they still had it, they put on a great show, playing their older hits and some of their new songs, I love the energy they put into their shows and their music like always is amazing.

It was a fun night of music

I added a cpl clips I shot on my iphone4, I would have recorded longer if I knew how good they would turn out..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Basketball in the hood

The Community Officers in the area i work in every year organize a Basketball game that puts officers vs. teachers.

There is a area of public housing that sits up on a hill over looking the city, it gets a really bad name but there are alot of good people up there. At the top of the hill in the school that is P - 6, I believe.

The Teachers always have a strong team, seems like the recruit the best teachers from the surrounding schools. The Teachers came out strong taking a 8-0 lead, but once we warmed up the come back was on. The game was very playful till the end when both sides clearly wanted to win, the refs blew the whistle stating the game was over and looking at the score board it was tied up, I think that was planned. The kids had a great game as well as all the players.

After the game the teachers treated us to subway up in the staff room, was a fun day.

I got alot of looks because I wore my Vibram Five Fingers to play in, everyone was like won't you roll your ankle in those? My answer was our feet were designed to start and stop, these just let our technology

Can't wait for tonight, we are off to the GOO GOO DOLLS, should be a awesome show, we are 3 rows back.


Canadian 2009 Crime stats

Thursday, February 10, 2011

X-Men: First Class - Official Trailer

There has been alot of hype about this movie and today the Movie trailer was released, Enjoy

Check out the last post: Police Cars

Police cars: Ford Tarus Police interceptor

I'm not a big car guy, my friend at should be writing this post.

Sometime within 2011 Ford will be replacing the Crown Victoria Interceptor. I have loved driving the Crown Vic it handles awesome for a big car. I guess the Crown vic is getting old and Ford is looking to move on, maybe like they moved away from the Ford Ranger.

There's alot of options out there for Police departments to choose from. A lot of officers want their next police vehicle to be the Dodge Charger. I will say the Charger looks cool, and with the push bars on the front they look aggressive. The local Military Police have switched to them, I think they are too small personally.

From what I hav heard we will be getting the Ford Tarus as our new police Interceptor. Here's alittle information on the Ford Tarus Police Interceptor:

The new Ford Tarus Police Interceptor will be available with both the standard 3.5 liter 263hp DOHC V6 or your local department can opt for an AWD EcoBoost 3.5 liter twin turbo model with 365hp. Eithe
r choice is more powerful and more efficient than the outgoing V8 powered Crown Victoria. A high-capacity six-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission delivers the power of EcoBoost with all-wheel-drive while the standard V6 models will be front-drive.

For the men in blue, the new Tuaurs represents the latest safety design and technology. One big area of safety for officers is the fuel tank which is now located under the back seat, utilizing the same saddle-bag type tank arrangement found in the Ford Mustang. Crown Victorias made a lot of news in the past decade with vehicle fires due to extreme rear-end collisions. The new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor has been subjected to stringent 75-mph rear-end crash testing to win the confidence of police departments.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kelowna RCMP Brutality

Yesterday we had a "block training" session about ethics. The topic of ethics is a sticky one with officers, more so with the small things rather then the big issues.

Maybe small things in your mind, but where do you draw the line?
- Is it ethical to take that free coffee?
- Is it ethical to check up on your sisters boyfriend on the police system ?
- Is it ethical to give someone a ticket solely based on the drivers attitude ?
- Is it ethical to pull over that car to get a better look at it's hot driver ?

Those are the small ones that you may be able to sweep under the rug, the grey area maybe...

The story that the S/Sgt purposed to us was: You are a officer that rolls by a fellow officer on a traffic stop, as you pull up on scene, you see the officer has arrested the driver. S/he has the prisoner in handcuffs and s/he roughs up the prisoner (assaults him). What would you do?

If you are not a police officer think of this in the terms as the other officer being a family member, that will give you the feel of the  "blue line"

The S/Sgt wanted to know if you would have strong enough ethics to do what is right?  Even if you don't, will you do what you need to do to save your job?

What if down the road you find yourself in a Police Act complaint? what reason will you give the board for doing nothing? or even worse covering it up? Deceit will kill your career...

There is one big difference in policing in the past 10yrs ago. What is it? Now we are always being watched and that means being filmed on camera phones and being placed on YouTube for the world to judge you.

There's a video below, of an incident being caught on film. I choose not to judge other officers but I think the YouTube title gives it away. Now think if the officers tried to cover this up before they knew the video existed....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to School

The last 2 days I have been off and street and in the classroom. Every year we are taken from patrol and sent to the training section for 3 days to be bored to death so that if we screw up the department can say we trained him on such and such date to do it the opposite way.

I must say that the whole thing is not completely boring, like today we spent a quarter of the day doing use of force scenarios. It's always fun to go hands on with people, shoot some sim rounds and use the simulators.

But the rest of the days are: Report writing, diversity, ethics, upgrades to the police system and mental health.

There was one session about sources that was very interesting because it's something that I have been focusing on the last year.

Well off to bed soon, another full day of training tomorrow....I find sitting in the classroom really takes it out of you.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Sgt. Russell's wife speech... * Must Read*

This is a article that was written by Sgt Russell's wife after his death.....

The Day You Dread...

You never think this day would happen. Sometimes I thought about it just before falling asleep, because I was at home safe while he was out working the shifts that leave us all so vulnerable to these worrisome thoughts.
But those are just silly thoughts, a last moment to ponder before drifting off. I honestly never worried about Ryan’s job. I knew he was well trained, I knew he worked in teams, I knew he knew what he was doing out there. I admired him for being a Police Officer. I respected the job. I knew when we got married that I was marrying a cop. Marriage to a cop comes with many days, nights, weekends, holidays, and special occasions spent alone. I knew that, I got that.
 I also worked shifts, so we both understood the importance of making the most of our time together. When you think about the "day" it happens, you get this visualization of sorrowful Police Officers knocking on your door to break your heart and deliver the tragic news. Unfortunately it was not that Hollywood moment, it was much worse than anything Hollywood could produce.

 Ryan was on day shift January 12th. I heard him showering around 4 a.m., and as usual I fell right back asleep. I was up and out of the house by 7 a.m. I dropped off Nolan at daycare, and then began my usual drive into work. The roads were in terrible condition, so much snow and poor visibility. My SUV struggled to make it out of our neighbourhood onto Kingston Road. I listened to the radio for updates on road conditions and accidents. I heard the news that a Police Officer had been injured by a snowplow, but thought nothing other than it must have been a vehicular collision. Finally I made it onto the Gardiner and I called Ryan and left him a message that Nolan was dropped off and the roads were terrible and I was going to be late for work. Not 5 seconds later my phone rang, blocked caller ID, I naturally assumed it was Ryan calling me back.

 The voice on the other end was not Ryan though. It was his friend and colleague, Tom Steeves. I just started blabbing, telling Tom, Ryan was on day shift and he had court today, and try him on his cell. I got the awkward pauses and sighs and then Tom asked me where I was? I said I was driving to work, why? Tom said where are you exactly? I knew from that moment...I don’t know how or why, but I just knew. I exited at Spadina in a panic and tried to figure out how to flag down a cop for help. Tom begged me to pull over and wait, saying they would come to me. I just kept driving focused on finding St. Mike’s hospital. I hung up on Tom and somehow I was able to continue driving, while barely seeing through my tears, and made the dreaded Hollywood calls.
 First call was to my mom in Peterborough. I told her Ryan was hurt and she needed to come to Toronto right away. Second call was to Ryan’s parents in Florida. I told Ryan’s dad, Glenn, he needed to come home, get on a plane and come home now. I found out later, strangely enough, both my mom, and Ryan’s dad had been watching CP24 in two different countries, at the same time, and happened to see the same footage, and they both knew that Ryan was more than hurt.

 I finally pulled over at Queen and Yonge and waited. I could see St. Mike’s hospital one block away. I wanted to run there as fast as I could but my legs would not move. Finally I saw a cruiser coming for me. The Sergeant who drove me one block to St. Mike’s could not look into my eyes. I asked him if Ryan was ok. He kept his eyes forward while the tears poured down his face. I knew it was fatal. I was swarmed by a sea of high-ranking Police members as they whisked me through the emergency unit and into a small room.

The lights in the room were dim, and I was forced to sit down. Finally the Hollywood moment... After Chief Blair informed me Ryan had been killed, all I could ask was what Ryan was doing out there? Ryan’s a Sergeant, why was he out there? How did this happen? Ryan spent many dangerous years at Guns and Gangs, if it was going to happen during his career it would have been then not now, not as a Sergeant. I remember crying but then the tears just stopped. I think my emotions went from shock, to grief, to disbelief, to anger, to resentment, to frustration and finally to self-pity. It was at the self-pity point (not even 20 minutes after being informed of my loss) that I was asked to consent to donate Ryan’s eyes. Ryan’s eyes. The most beautiful baby-blue eyes. His perfect 20/20 vision eyes. They told me it was the only part of him that could be salvaged. The most beautiful part was the only part. I immediately consented and I immediately began to feel better. Ryan’s body was taken to the Coroners, and I was taken home. I was never allowed to hold his hand or kiss his face. Evidence needed to be preserved.

Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, all began to fill up my house, all there to comfort me. Somehow I was fine, somehow I was comforting them? From that point on I found strength. I was surrounded constantly by people who cared. I was assisted constantly by the Police Association. I was supported constantly by the Police Service and the public. All of Ryan’s courage and bravery jumped into my soul and helped me get through the next week. The visitation was overwhelming but I insisted on greeting every single person who wished to offer their sympathy, or gratitude, or last respects. I did it all for Ryan.
On the morning of Ryan’s funeral service, I was able to hold his hand one last time and kiss him goodbye. I told him I would make him proud and raise our son to be just like him. As we followed the hearse, I took every moment in. Citizens outside the funeral home lining the streets, opposing traffic stopping, on ramps blocked off, motorists saluting, the vacated highways, the peaceful journey into Toronto along the Highway of Heroes. We staged in front of 52 Division. The bagpipes began, and slowly the crowds marched. I saw the faces, the tears, the hands over the hearts, the saluting I heard the K9’s crying, I heard the sounds of silence in the busiest city in Canada. It was all for Ryan. It was all from you. Thank you for allowing me to tell you about the day you think will never happen. Thank you for being brave and for being supportive. Thank you for serving and protecting. Thank you You are all heroes in life, and remember, there will be an answer, let it be. With the utmost respect,

 Christine Russell


Saturday, February 5, 2011

I scream like a girl

Last night we went sledding with my brother and friends, that would be obvious if you could feel the pain in my back.

The Hill we went to is the biggest and baddest hill in the city, it's steeper then some of the ski runs you may go down.

On the way there we stopped at Giant Tiger and picked up some crazy carpets for $2.97 which I thought was a steal and headed for the hill.

I brought along my video sunglasses to capture the fun. The first few runs were a test to see if the glasses would survive, the jury was out on that.

So i put on the glasses and headed down the hill....The glasses didn't pick up much visually due to the low light, or lack of it, but it captured the audio, I'm not sure if I sound like 'm being attacked by the tickle monster or I'm a school girl that just met Justin beiber,

Enjoy, it was awesome.. Oh the soreness was from a massive jump that I only hit with half speed after seeing my brother get launched through the

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wing Bowl 2011

I just finished writing about my dinner out last night, but my dinner was nothing like this story...

While America waits for the Super Bowl, 26 brave men, each one of them a champion in his own right, stood ready this morning for a real competition - the Wing Bowl 2011, probably one of the least healthy sporting events in the world.

After the barbecue-crusted feathers settled, one man stood supreme - 6'4" New Jersey accountant Jon "Super" Squib, who pulled down a belly busting 255 wings. While we don't know the exact calorie count on the wings used, a healthy estimate says Squib put down almost 40,000 calories and 2,550 grams of fat.

It's Squibb's third time holding the crown and his 255 wings set a Wing Bowl record.

Dinner out

Last night we went out to eat, we had a coupon for a local high end restaurant that we purchased on team buy.

We paid $25 for a $50 gift certificate. Even with the gift certificate we had to pay some money out of pocket.

I wanted to try something A little different, so on the waiters suggestion I order the veal.

When I took that first bite into the veal, I expected it to taste like steak but it didn't. I guess veal would be closer to pork in taste.

The meal was good, don't think I would get it again tho.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hamstring rehab

Last night during the snowstorm I was doing sprints in the basement with H, during sprint #4 i felt a slight pull on my left hamstring, I walked it off and stretched alittle more and attempted to perform another sprint, Big Mistake... I pulled it!!

So with my sprinting for the evening done I returned to the Man Room and researched Hamstring rehab, here are a few things I learned. So pissed my right hamstring was just feeling great now it's my left, I guess it's my fault for not fixing the issue of weak glutes an hip flexors...

Immediate management

All sport medicine textbooks have a chapter on the immediate management of muscle injuries. The most important procedure in the management of soft-tissue injuries in sports people is initial icing while moving the muscle, known as ‘cryokinetics’.

This is done by sitting with an ice bag under the hamstring and keeping the hamstring moving by bending and straightening the knee to the point of mild discomfort.
 This satisfies the immediate goal of reducing swelling and subsequent haematoma, and the addition of movement results in less ‘ice scarring’. Ice scarring is a phenomenon whereby the superficial fascia adheres to the underlying muscle and affects the overall gliding of the muscle in relation to its covering fascia.

 The end result is a muscle that moves with its adherent fascia whilst contracting. The quickest way to cause ice scarring is to over-apply ice to the injured area and to keep the muscle completely still while being iced. One must be certain before applying ice to a hamstring injury that a local muscle injury does exist. Icing a ‘neural hamstring’ with no local muscle pathology will result in more reflex muscle tone and more ice scarring.

Rehab running

The following rehab running protocol applies to both muscle tears and neural hamstrings. The muscle pathologies will take longer to progress through the stages.

As soon as an injured athlete is able to walk pain-free, then running may commence. However, this running protocol must be controlled and follow a very set programme.

Athletes will understand, when it is explained to them, that running by themselves with very specific criteria takes away risk factors that are potentially damaging to the muscle. For example, turning to chase an opposition player/team mate or reaching down low to catch a ball. They are less likely to re-injure in a controlled environment. Following this principle, an athlete may start sport- specific hamstring rehabilitation with the following rehab running protocol.

Hope this helps if you have some pain!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to survive a snowstorm


Today we are in the middle of our first big snowstorm. Last night was my last night shift and we had about 5-10cms and there were accidents everywhere. The snow let off till lunch today and it started again and it's going in full force now. By the end of the storm they are saying we'll get 40 cms of snow!! Glad I'm off

To go along with the Storm theme I added he top 3 Things to do to prepare for a storm.

Policeman's Top 3 Winter Storm survival tips.
1 - Check your emergency supplies.

When you are advised of a winter snow storm approaching your town, check your emergency supplies. Ideally, you should have batteries, flashlights, lanterns, a first aid kit, rock salt, sand and plenty of water. Also, for those that have emergency generators, make sure that you have enough fuel to power your unit for a few days. Keep emergency numbers handy, as well as phone numbers for family members, neighbors and friends.

2 - Prepare for power outages.

During major snow storms many families loose power due to electrical lines that are experiencing trouble. It could hours or even days before electricians are able to restore power to some homes. Having extra ice can keep your food cold.

3 - Stay warm

Store extra blankets, firewood and kerosene for portable heaters. Bundle up if you go outdoors. An extra layer of clothing such as thermal wear can help keep your body warm. Additionally, a scarf, hat, gloves, boots and thick socks will help keep you warm.