Saturday, October 17, 2009

My new 70 yr old friends

I have gone swimming the last 3 days and have been improving, yesterday I was able to swim for 75m without stopping, that's a ling from 3 weeks ago when 15m did me in.... I did 75m 3 times, 50m a few times then worked on drills, working on bilateral breathing...

It's funny Heidi makes fun of me
Because I have made friends with all the 70-80yr olds at the pool, and I know all the gossip..

Well today since I have been swimming alot the past 3 weeks a decided to hit the pavement, I headed out and I was feeling good but at the half way mark I realized I was behind.... I tried to push it but it was uphill for a while but in the home stretch I dug deep and was happy with my time of 27:19 for 5km... Maybe run again tomorrow then back to the pool....

Later all

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