Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super Ken.....

Hello all,

I had a good day today, I went to the pool with my coach, Well he's not a real coach but he's a friend from work that has been a paddler his whole life. In their off season they would swim alot so he's a real good swimmer.

So I have been talking to him and he wanted to get back to the pool so today he hit the pool, we did alot of drills and it was nice to have a set of eyes watching me to see the things I needed to change. It was a good session and there's more to come.

When Heidi got home she wanted to go shopping, if you know Heidi you know that's odd and when you get the chance you jump at it...

We headed out to the mall and Heidi got alot of great clothes, (I'm sure she'll have a post about them on her blog)

I also went shopping as you can see in the pic...... (the underwear)



  1. You know I have tons more respect for you bro now I've seen you in your skivvies. :) Awesome job staying in the pool. You inspire me to get my butt in there.

  2. Not sure about the pants... but love the face :-)