Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Snow Storm

Well all week they have benn talking

about a big winter storm hitting the city, and here it is.

As I sit here typing the wind is howling and the snow is building up outside. Depending on who you talk to, or listen to on television the amount of predicted snow fall differs. The snow fall amount ranges from 15cms to 30cms.

It doesn't really matter to me how much snow we get because I'm in for the night. I'm back to work tomorrow, and even if the snows not cleared my Subaru will get me there.

I'm glad I'm not working tonight because our patrol cars are terrible in the snow, it's almost embarrassing driving around in the patrol cars slipping and sliding where ever you go.

I remember a few years ago going to a code 1 call, and passing officers that ditched their car to run to the location because there patrol car wouldn't make it up the hill..... Not cool

Anyways, if your in the snow, BE SAFE


  1. be safe, stay warm!

    do you run in your vibrams in the snow / cold weather? i have the sprints - they are definitely a bit cold on my toes in the winter!

  2. Stay warm! Stay Safe! and watch out for big foot! ;)!!


  3. I have been running in them once the snow is packed down, after about 30mins I start to feel the cold.

  4. Ha, the storm was not too bad. It was funny when power was completly knocked out, CrazyTown disapeared from our view!

    I laughed so hard thinking about the officer ditching his rig and deciding to run!