Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFL Playsoffs, view from the Paddy wagon

Well it's a big week in the NFL, today is Championship Sunday!

Today the Bears play the Packers who are on fire, and the high flying J.E.T.S play the Steelers.

This is a day where you usually wouldn't be able to move me from the couch, but today day is different because I'm working tonight.

That's one thing that a police officer and his family quickly realizes, that with Police work you'll find yourself working when the rest of your family in celebrating, your working, or when all the boys are watching the big game your working.

I guess this issue could be solved if I had a DVR, but I cancelled that service this year..... Guess I'll have to follow on my Iphone.

Oh and for the record, I love my Job!!! ( just wish the paddy wagon had satellite TV)

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