Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kenny's Meat Lasagna FAIL

Well today I was given the mission if I chose to accept it to make a Meat Lasagna.

I was given an easy recipe, and last night I went shopping and pick up everything I would need for it plus a few extra things.... I can never go to the grocery store without picking up some yummy extras.

I love Lasagna but I'm not a huge fan of lots of cottage cheese. To make this recipe alittle better I removed alot of the cottage cheese and tweaked a few other things.

I added TNT pepperoni, 3 types of cheese and some hot sauce with a blend of spices.

The photo beside is before it entered the oven, I'll add a photo of the finished product later once it's cooked. Mmmm I can't wait for the finished product, wish me luck.

Well I didn't get to far....As you can see I added " Fail" to the title..... I just found out the noodles needed to be cooked.....Opps....... How will I fix it? HELP

Update: I took the lasagna apart, piece by piece, and boiled the noodles... Let's see how it turns out



  1. I'm *almost* positive you can make the lasagna with uncoiled noodles, the cook during the baking process. I think I've seen that type of recipe on the back of some noodle boxes. Good luck!!

  2. LOL....I guess there are some that come already somewhat cooked and others that you need to boil, these one needs to be boiled :(

  3. Ken
    You can do it without cooking the noodles no problem. Lots of people do. As long as you have enough sauce in there they'll cook fine.

  4. Gord,
    Thanks,, it ended out turnning out pretty good, unless heidi is lying ;)

  5. Acutally if they're boil noodles you'll need to add an extra 1/2-->1cup of water for the noodles to obsorb... next time just buy no boil noodles!!

    Glad it turned out ok :)!