Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Country mourns

A Whole country watched as a group of young men collasped under the weight of their country....

Last Night I rushed home after work to watch team Canada bring home the gold medal like everyone expected. At the start of the tournment nobody picked Canada to win gold, but like they always do they ended up in the gold medal game.

When Canada was up 3-0 againest the Russians that couldnt sustain pressure the whole country relaxed, the problem is that it looks like Team Canada did as well. Team Canada didnt show up in the 2nd period and the thrird period is where the epic collapse happened.

The only thing that I wished happend was a goalie change after the 3 stright goals by the Russian, you could tell the young goalie had his foundation rocked and a change was needed. But whatever, and we are proud of the Young men that brought home Silver.

Go Canada



  1. I think sometimes the country forgets that we're dealing with 17-18-19 year old kids (as young as 16!). They make mistakes, they fall to pressure and they get cocky.
    I spent alot of time working with Q level kids when I was in Uni (special research on head injuries in youth hockeyplayers from timbits-->CHL level.) Trust me they are taking it harder than every one else.
    Don't get me wrong I'm totally heartbroken about the lost. But I agree for a team that wasn't even supposed to make the gold medal game and for one that very nearly didn't! I'm proud of the boys for winning silver. I hope one day they can look back and be proud too!!

    Also i'm not sure changing the goalie would have Helped. I've watched Roy since he was in the Q he has some good foundations but small things shake him. It might have been worse if they switched out after three.

  2. You have done your research, I feeling better about the whole thing now thats it been 2 days, my wounds are