Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy Night In The City

Lots of snow here today, perfect weather for playoff Football!!

Well Last night was a interesting night in the City....

It was a Saturday night in a always busy city so I expected some fun. It was funny by the end of the night we had our portables on our channel and the wagon radio was tuned into the other station were all the calls were taking place.

For a Saturday night we only had the a few calls, a couple noise complaints and a drunk male and that would be it.  I really shouldn't be complaining but I was looking forward to a busy night. One of the other divisions was off the hook, they took two of our units, and 3 from another division.

But I guess there was one bonus, I was home in bed on time ;)

Links to two of the stories below.

Stabbing in Dartmouth
Shooting on Datmouth side


  1. You know I can tell you're tired based on how many mistakes are in your writings. Get some more sleep enjoy your monday off!


  2. All happening `over the bridges` eh?