Friday, January 7, 2011

Night Shifts

Hello all,
Now that my two day shifts are past, tonight I'll start my night shifts. The way that this cycle works is my favorite, my night shifts fall on Friday and Saturday nights, which mean non-stop fun....

In 20yrs I still hope my tune doesn't change, I see Friday and Saturday nigh as fun, because it's alot busier and the calls seem it be alittle bigger...

I Thing I see with Officers that have over 20yrs on the job they rather just drive around and have no calls and maybe lay their head back and relax, where as the new guys have the fire and race each other to calls wanting to get in the action.

 I think this is like anything in life, you need to find ways to check the fun in everything, once you start treating something like a job or a choir you won't want to do it... That goes for Jobs, relationships and fitness..

So I say to you, this year have fun, laugh at whatever your out there doing...



  1. I always have fun, whether at work or not, that being said I would like a few more days off. If you could kindly extend your watch's shift another day or so, mine will still be off. Ok? Thanks! :P

  2. I pitch that idea tonight,,, Think I'll only be able to pull off 1 days ;)

  3. Sorry your two nights were a bit of a bust! (at least in your enf of town!)

    Enjoy your days off!!