Sunday, January 2, 2011

1st Post of the Year...

Happy 2011 everyone..

Well it's a new year... To me the new year does not mean too much, only that I'll mess up alittle more paperwork on the job.

As I mentioned earlier, I was working New Years Eve, it was a crazy crazy night and I loved it. We were non-stop till about 5am in the morning.

Every year they have a concert downtown, which draws tons of people to te downtown core.

We would clear booking after dropping off a "client" and we were off to pick up another "client." Most of the clients played nice, a few decided they wanted to test their brawn, let's say they lost.  The theme of the night seemed to be 911 calls of assaults and they all reported someone had a weapon, these type of calls get the heart pumping...... Gotta love it :D

But I must say 2010 was a great year, here are a few of my highlights:
1) Yosemite Trip
2) Dominican Vacation
3) My VibramFive Fingers
4) A few notable calls at work
5) Getting my little kitten ;)

My Goals for 2011:
1) Run a Half Marathon in my Vibram Five Fingers
2) Be more proactive at work
3) Get my weight down to 185lbs
4) Make more people laugh
5) Laugh more myself...

Have a great 2011


  1. Happy New Year! Best wishes with your goals for 2011.

    My husband ran 2 miles in his Vibrams today. It was his first time running in them. He said that his calves are killing him now. lol

  2. Sounds like you had a fun night! I found myself watching said concert on TV then once the ball dropped there I went to be here!! Only an hour early but hey happy new year right??!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic year and best wishes for this year!!

    C. RN

  3. Lisa - Yeah it took a while to build up my legs in the Vibrams, but now your calfs dont even feel them..

    RN -Yeah I love crazy nights like that, as long as there's not too much paperwork ;)