Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Fort

Today is my first day backing this cycle, I was cursing around my favorite part of the city to work, which is known for it's shootings and gangs.

The thing about the job of a police officer, you get to see every inch of the city and you end up in many peoples' homes.

Today I was down a back street and came across one of the coolest snow forts I've seen in a while.

You could probably joke that in this area of town the extra protection is needed. :)



  1. Now that is quite a snow fort... I recall as a kid we used to have the most fun when the snow came and we would choose up sides for a snowball fight between rival forts. Blessings and may God keep you save. Lloyd

  2. That is a pretty awesome snowfort! Alot of work went into that one for sure! I used to make forts like that when I was a kid!

  3. You are a stylish blogger! Go to for the info!

  4. Yeah the winter holds alot of memories, not a big fan now