Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Canada Wins

Last Night I sat down and Watched Canada vs. USA in the World Junior Championship.  Hockey fans were hoping this match-up would come in the gold medal game, but due to a earlier slip-up by Canada the Canada vs. USA match was in the semi final game.

Coming into this tournament nobody gave Canada's inexperienced team a chance against the defending Champs (USA).

Last night Canada came out with more jump and energy then team USA and it showed in the end result, with Canada winning 4-1.

Wednesday night Canada will meet Russia in the gold medal game... GO CANADA GO



  1. I was snuggled up on my Couch with my puppy and my hippo watching this game. It was a freaking awesome game! Lets just hope they can keep it up against the Russians. At the very least it's payback for losing on home soil last year!

    C. RN

    Yes yes I am a hockey dork!

  2. Woo hoo! We were watching this at work last night, except my damn peoples kept interuppting the game. "A complete stranger called you a bad word 2 days ago .... " looks at the tv longingly, for it will be a whilte getting back. I missed the end :(