Monday, January 17, 2011

My Luxury Car

Little did you know Mr Policeman drove a luxury car....

I have a sexy navy blue Subaru outback, The car is about 10yrs old and I love it. The car is a station wagon that drives like a go-kart. You can't beat the AWD in the snowy weather.

The car has many luxury features for a older car, but one I recently noticed is far ahead of it's times and I've never seen it on any other car.

What's this special feature?? The car allows to scrape your icy windows as you sit in your car.  How does this work? Well the windows on my car have been getting iced covered on the inside now, so once you scrap the outside you have to get into the car and scrap the windows from the inside.. Not fun

But I still love my car :)

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