Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Hardest Part.....

Last Night wasn't as busy as I expected being a Friday night shift, the weather was messy and I think it kept people inside and quiet.

We jumped in the wagon at the start of shift and signed in and within seconds we were dispatched on a call that seemed very Innocent at the start, we figured we'd be in and out in no time.

But..... Like many calls you attend they turn into something totally different then you expect or what was written on the call.

By the time we walked out to the wagon I felt sick, disgusted and alittle confused.  On this job there is nothing worse then dealing with calls that involve children and how are sick society treats them. I guess it's the fact that children can't defend themselves and their so Innocent, and sometimes you feel helpless and just wish you pull on your superman cape and do something....

We did up that report and forwarded to the proper section for more investigation and off we were, but the call kinda lingers with you the rest of the night.

After midnight we ended up downtown, because the downtown units were backed up, so the wagon to the rescue...... We picked up a few drunks which is always interesting and then headed home,,,, Back to it again tonight!


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