Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shoe fetish

I used to laugh at women who said they had a shoe Fetish, the proper term is Shoe fetishism as defined by Wikipedia.

The reason I'm not laughing now is the fact that I have a shoe fetish now....

Ever since I started runnning in my Vibram Five Fingers I have fell in love with them, they have changed the way I thin about running, and aided improving my overal fitness.

Recently Vibram has introduced their new shoe Lineup for 2011. New to the Vibram Five Fingers lineup is the Komodo Sport, Bikilas LS (laces) and Jaya LR ( for Women).

I have been looking at the two new styles and I want them both, I would like to get at least one pair but it's going to be soo hard to pick


  1. I was looking into start running, and I mean as an athletic activity, are these shoes geared towards that? I've never heard of them minus your blog.

  2. yeah they are a running shoe, I wear them all the time when running and run up to 10km in them. they go along the idea of barefoot runnng, bu provide some protection. There are alot of studies that show how todays shoes lead to injuries, they dont allow your feet to strengten, so when you run barefoot or with little protection your feet will strenghten. it also promotes a forefoot strike when running which is the proper running stride.
    Hope that helps some