Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dead man feared

The Other day our shift responded to a call you don't see much around here.... Here is the account from the paper, can't talk about this calls ( good way to get in trouble :)

The Chronicle Herald story

A man found dead in a Dartmouth apartment Friday "terrified" a woman who was his former neighbour.

Sheila MacKay said she was scared living across the hall from Patrick Lee McGrath, one of two people found dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide at 7 Galaxy Ave.

The bodies of McGrath, 58, and Marguerite Maude Kenney, 60, were discovered by police Friday evening in McGrath’s apartment.

MacKay said Kenney moved into the apartment she vacated a month ago. She said she left the building because she was afraid of McGrath.

"I moved out for my own safety," she said.

MacKay said the six-unit building, with two apartments on each of three floors, is owned by the Dartmouth Non-Profit Housing Society. She said she constantly complained to society director Doreen Tinkham about McGrath, especially after he had keys made to the building’s entrance and gave them to friends.

MacKay said each floor of the building she used to live in has "a secluded hallway" shared by the two apartments on that floor.

"I shared that hallway with every drug dealer and junkie in Dartmouth," said MacKay, who lived there for five and a half years until moving out, a year or so after McGrath’s arrival.

"At night, I was just terrified and I called the landlord continuously and the police, but they couldn’t do anything," MacKay said. "I figure the other tenants just pulled the blankets over their heads when they heard things. If somebody had listened to me, that dear soul would be alive."

According to its website, the Dartmouth Non-Profit Housing Society "assists individuals or families in acquiring more affordable housing."

No one was available at the society’s office on Saturday.

MacKay moved out Dec. 22, as soon as she could find somewhere else affordable to go.

Only a few days ago, Kenney brought mail to MacKay at her new place. "I had warned her about him," she said.

Police were called to the apartment building at 5 p.m. Friday by someone asking them to check on Kenney.

It’s believed a relative of the woman was in the hallway outside Kenney’s third-floor apartment trying to reach her by cellphone and could hear Kenney’s phone ringing inside the apartment, although police wouldn’t confirm that.

The police investigation led them to McGrath’s apartment, where the bodies were found.

Police aren’t releasing the causes of death, spokeswoman Theresa Rath said Saturday night. She said investigators believe the deaths occurred late Thursday night or early Friday morning. She wouldn’t comment on what led them to check McGrath’s apartment.

She said McGrath and Kenney were both known to police, but Kenney "to a lesser degree."

Investigators were expected to remain on the scene until Sunday, Rath said. Police talked to neighbours in the area as part of their investigation.

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