Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm a Spy now...

Well for Christmas my family chipped in and gave me a pair of sunglasses that shoot HD video and sound. They weren't in at Christmas time and this store was the only dealer in town.

So this week they arrived, I was pumped to try them out. My brother picked them up and brought them over to my place, it was pretty funny opening the box and reading the instructions that were poorly translated from Japanese to English.

Some funny Lines:
- The smallest camera for hidden.
- Recommended highly for polices,journalist,travelers.
-  Bring funs to life

So we plugged in the sunglasses and no lights came on, one thing that happened was the sunglasses became hot to the touch and we could smell something burning.... This isn't right !

So we took them back and exchanged them, before leaving the store we tried them out and they worked...

Here's the end result, I can't wait to use them, they are going to be lots of fun!


  1. Wonder what the laws are about videotaping? Do you know? I've always been curious.