Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Days Off

Well this last cycle was pretty slow at work, it may of had something to do with the cold snap we have been having here.  On night shifts when you would jump out of the nice warm paddy wagon the cold would hit you with in seconds going deep down to your bones, and even when you were back in the warm car it would take a while to warm up again. I think with the wind chill it was around -30 Brrrrrrr

Well Yesterday was a pretty lazy day, ended up going to Swiss Chalet because we had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free.... You gotta love Swiss Chalet.

Today I'll be throwing on my uniform and heading to court ( can't forget my tie or I'll get in more trouble then the criminals) Today we have a assault with a weapon trial, should be interesting, really rests on the shoulders of our witnesses.

I was hoping to get down to the Canada Games oval for alittle skating maybe tonight, will be busy if the snow holds off.

Also these days off I need to throw in a swim as well

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