Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's been a busy crazy night, alittle slow now at 4am...spent the frist part of the night on the bridge.

So before work tonight I headed to the pool hoping my second time there would go better....

I felt confident as I walked in the pool, today I knew where the changeroom was.....

I got changed ino my sexy swimtrunks and headed out.. The pool was alittle busy, as I walked across the pool a lane was calling my name, the lanes were marked with yellow signs... The lane I was drawn to was labeled Slow.......

Well I have a new goal.... Step up from the slow lane to the medium lane.

Well back to work.... Later

Kenny (pic was taken tonight that's why it's soo dark)

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  1. Haven't they trained you up to use a torch yet? ;)

  2. attracts too much