Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crystal Cresent Hike

A bunch of us from work have been going on Hikes all summer, I am lucky that are shift gets along so well. I know that were are other shifts that are at each others throat all the time.
So we went for the hike, the first part is through the woods then after about 30mins to come out to the shore line, then the rest of the hike is along the shore as you'll see it's a rock fun hike.
This is me doing Yoga postions at the top of the Hill, as you can see I lack the form!

This Is my bubby Ash, I got a ride out to the Hike with him, he's one of the really good guys at work thats always fun working with...

This is a picture as you may be able to make out of a naked guy, at the end of the Hike it goes past a nude beach area, also it was alittle weird there were naked guys walking in the woods and others sitting around, I think its kinda a "pickup" area.....
Besides that it was an awesome hike!

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  1. Yes, `pickup areas`, we used to have them in the UK. Lots of edgy looking guys sort of eyeing each other nervously whilst keeping another eye out for vice squad. Happy days :-0