Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I went swimming.......

It was a crazy day at work, I was non-stop all day alot of crazy people out today.....

As I put in my last post was I was was sitting in the pool parking lot nervous, it has been over a year since I went swimming and that was only once, and before that was a long time.

So I was alittel nervous as I walked into the pool, had to ask where the changing room was...Once I changed and was taking a shower before I headed in, there was another guy beside my and I felt I needed to talk to him and tell him I was new to swimming, good guy to talk too....lol Once I started to never stopped gabbing..

So I walked out to the pool, at the same time of the lane swims the other half of the pool is a exercise class mainly filled by older ladies with a few young cuties... So I was thinking they'd be laughing as I drowned later...lol

SO went over to the lane on the farside of the pool and eased in, water was nice, the first few laps were filled with nervous energy and I did the breast stroke, as I got alittle more comfortable I switch over to the freestyle.

I was surprised that I did ok with the freestyle, I found at first I was alittle tense and as I told myself to relax I performed better..... But I did realize that I needed to get my lungs back in shape, it's not the same as running cardio.....

Back again at the pool tomorrow morning.



  1. Congrats - the first time is the hardest! It will only get easier from here!

  2. Thanks Krista...I went today I felt alittle better..

  3. Congrats on your first session back in the Pool. I promise it gets a bit easier each time you go.