Friday, October 2, 2009

Got my Bike....

Well I got my Bike today,

The Bike I got was the Trek 1000 I paid $350.00 for it and got a trainer, spare seat,tube and manual with it.

I was alittle torn between the Trek 1000 and Trek 2300, but what made up my mine was that I jumped too late on the Trek 2300.

So my parents went on a driving vacation this week and on the way back they picked up the bike, they dropped it off and I made them supper.

I was looking over the bike and it looks great, the tires still have the rubber knobs on it, she bought it 3 years ago and only used it once, So I figure I better get it tuned up before I use it...

Swimming been great (long way to go tho), my running is improving, so I'm looking forward to getting on my bike....

Going for a Hike tomorrow, chat later



  1. Now you got to name it. I don't think chicks just name their bikes! :)

    Glad your happy about it.

  2. I'll have to think about that after I take Him/her out for a spin today....should it be male or frmale? lol

  3. Very exciting! Awesome that it comes with a trainer too! No excuses for bad weather!