Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off to the Dr's

Today I headed to the local Walk-in Clinic to get a doctors note to head to the Massage therapist and Physio clinic.

The thing is I'm glad I'm not going tot he clinic with a actual sickness, I've been there before and I fell that i am smarter then the doctor, I don't know if it's Canada's lack of Doctors that they will accept anyone, but this guy is clueless.

He told me that my lower back pain had no connection to my pulled hamstring injury, he only wrote me a note for massage and wouldn't write it for Physio. So anyways I left and after seeing the massage therapist today, I', going back to a different Dr to get a note for the Physio I needed and the Massage therapist backed up.

The Massage therapist told me that my quads were over developed and that my hams and glutes were weaker causing some tendon issues between my hams and glutes, So they will fix it up with hard work and Physio.

Part 2 of my day later:


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