Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Bells....

Well today my little sis is getting married,
Just for fun I decided to cut my hair and have a MoHawk, I did it yesterday and my sis flipped when she saw it, I told her I was keeping it, She said she'd call mom if I didn't cut it, So I left it till this morning, when I woke up the girls were heading out to get there hair done, and again mt sis said she'll never speak to me if I leave
So I need to run and get my hair cut and shave and find a suit to wear since I'n a usher,
Later all


  1. you should keep it. you look sexy.

  2. Silly girls and their weddings! LOL

    Seriously, if it were my wedding I would say keep it. It makes for awesome pics. however since it is your sis, I guess you should cut it. Have fun!