Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5km run...

It was soo nice out today so I wanted to get out for a run today before I headed to work tonight. I decided to do a 5km distance, which before would have been a breeze, but I have to push it now.

So I left for the run with the goal of 35mins as a realistic goal for the 5km, I headed out with my new shoes and they felt great, I was feeling good, but as I made the turn at halfway I realized that I had to push it alittle on the way back.

There's one section near the end that's a steady climb and as I got there I was feeling alittle gassed, but i dug deep and picked up the pace when I started to slow and to my surprise I finished the 5km at 28mins 43secs... I was pumped.

On my lunch break tonight I may hit the gym and do some biking...

later all



  1. Great job! 6+ minutes below your goal time!

  2. Yeah maybe it was alittle high, but i pushed my self hard at the end of the run

  3. So I just caught up with your post on the bikes. Any decision yet? My input would be to get the bike that has the best components and wheels. Since none of the frames are full carbon they will all weigh about the same. The 2300 looked to have the best wheels but are the shifters all beat up? So there you go, get the bike with the best components.

  4. To go back to the bike post Defintely take bike #2. Ultegra is a good system and for $500 it's a steal.

  5. Yeah I'm thinking bike #2, I'm on my last night shift and on my days off I plan to try to get one, I'll keep u posted