Sunday, September 27, 2009

Run and Swim.....

(pic of heidi in her last marathon)

Well, I had about a week off running, my physiotherapist told me to take it easy, so I did but enough of that.

Heidi was going out for a long run because her half Marathon is fast approaching, so once we got to the 2.5 km mark she kept going and I turned around and headed back, the first 2.5km was alittle faster then normal, I was afraid it may gas me for the finish, but it ended up helping, I finished the 5km with a time of 26:23

My best time since I started to get back in shape, Looks like my body is responding to this fitness thing! lol

Tonight at 6:30pm the pool has lane swims so I'll head down there and do a few laps..



  1. i wanna do a half too. its too cold to train outdoors here though. i AM a fairweather runner. who am i kidding? i'm not even classified as a runner anymore.
    anyway ...... when is Heidi's half? and where?
    when is your tri? where?
    love the layout of this blog. love the updates too.
    later ko

  2. hey Sis,,
    Heidi's half is Oct 12th in Wolfville, and I haven't picked what sprint Tri I'll do yet, theres a bunch at the start of the summer and throughout...