Sunday, September 20, 2009

Work Today....

I went back to work today after 12 days off,

It was hard, I was up late last night playing NHL 10 with a bunch of buddies then I was up early for work, work was slow today I was able to get some file work done which is always nice.

On my Lunch hour I went to the gym and got on the Bike for about 40mins, which felt great I did some hard sprints and the legs got a good workout.

Check out my last post, I added some specs.


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  1. the trek 2300 would be a nice first could maybe get the price down a little more...but thats a good start.I
    had to laugh seeing the hatcher wetsuit stripping shot. I mean i have seen many people getting out of their wetsuit at races but they never looked as good as her..LOL!