Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello all,
I've been looking at used exercise bikes, thinking about picking one up for the winter, I was just looking for some tips about what I should look for, what to stay away from, or will any exercise bike do the trick?

Thanks kenny


  1. KO - I don't know too much about exercise bikes for indoor. I use the bikes at my gym but I don't like them because they really are not the same as riding outside. I know that most people use "rollers" or indoor trainers that they can set up their real bikes on but ride inside. This would probably be your best investment because then you have the real feel of riding a road bike. Good luck!

  2. Hey Kenny,

    So, I really don't know that much about exercise bikes. I think your best investment is in an actual bike that you'll ride outside once the weather is nice. For winter, buy a resistance trainer (just a couple hundred bucks I think; less than an exercise bike!) that basically turns your bike into an exercise bike. Good luck!

  3. LOL, These ladies said exactly what I was thinking.

    I would really recommend that you invest in a road bike. Ride it outside as long as you can and then switch to an indoor trainer if necessary. The gym type bikes are nothing like riding on the road and to me, do not simulate the same motion nor stimulate the necessary muscles. The Spin type bikes used for spinning classes are good training but can't provide that fitness alone. If you invest in a road bike now, it is a major hurdle in getting to the start line of a tri.

    I have never used an indoor trainer and there are a ton out there. I have mainly heard it is all personal preference on which one you pick and how many "bells and whistles" you want. I did have the owner of the local bike store tell me that I should just take the money I would put into buying a trainer and just buy some good outdoor cold weather gear and keep cycling outside through the winter. Granted it is much different for me down here in Georgia.

    Good luck in your decision.

  4. hey kenny, the new place is great! can you guys come over?

  5. yeah for sure, Heidi'd parents are getting in tonight for the weekend then going home sunday