Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just one step....

So I had a full day today, I was running around and also got in a 2 hour game of tennis, My tennis game was actually looking really good.

Tonight when H was at my sisters wedding shower I decided to go for another run, the run was the same one I had alittle trouble with last night.

So I started my run (with my new shoes) and I headed out, I came to the big hill where I had issues the other night, but I took a big bite of pride and I made it up, only to to down the other side turn around and go back up it again..... I was doing good until the last little hill i just wanted to walk for alittle bit, I started to feel the pain and just for one step I stopped to walk, then I yelled at myself (yes out loud) and started running again, for the next little while my muscles were yelling at me and I was yelling back at them, good thing nobody was

It feels good to be back at it again, still have a long road ahead this Fall/winter to get back into shape.


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  1. Very inspiring :-)

    (The words that is, the picture worrries me somewhat!)