Friday, September 18, 2009

New shoes...

Well I can definitely say that I have new shoes!

In the last 24hrs I've had 3 pairs of new running shoes.
I first bought a pair of Nike running shoes, but I take a neutral shoes, and I needed alittle wider shoes, I took the Nike's for a run but found that they were too narrow and hurt my foot....So those went back!
Next I bought a pair of saucony running shoes because they tend to run wider, before I even tried them out I was at another store and found another pair of Saucony's that I like better so I got those, I'll take the second ones back tomorrow!
I Just hate when I'm returning stuff I found the stores try to make you feel like a criminal, But they are going back!


  1. Are those like high tops? I prefer the New Balance top of the line - great foot box and heel strike cushioning! Interested to see how those hold up and if they bother the ankle at all!

  2. I think it's the pic, it may be stretched to make it look like that... Lol