Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slow night

Well I'm sitting here in my patrol car after a long night.

The night started off busy then died right down.

Earlier there were a string of robberies, but sadly I didn't get on those calls.

I'm so looking forward to signing off in a hr and jumping into a warm bed and sleeping till I need to head back to work.

Question: Would you rather work day shifts or night shifts?



  1. its funny when i worked the 9 hr days i loved the night shift, however now that im on the 12 hr ones i prefer days. i dunno though somethin about nightshift calls .... they tend to be more actual police related issues. take a slo2w night cause pretty soon you'll be doin the fri and sat shift.

  2. I as well as my hubby the Badge prefer midnight shift. At least for our life it works. He sleeps during the day which gives him more time with the kiddos. LOL he always says "he is not around brass and car accicident".At least for us it works better then any other shift.....

  3. My hours are 24 on 48 off. I much perferred the nights when I was younger and spawn free.

  4. Yeah I'm a big fan of Night shifts. Like kat said you seem to get more Police Calls.. I find day and night shifts are like totally different jobs.