Friday, February 11, 2011

Basketball in the hood

The Community Officers in the area i work in every year organize a Basketball game that puts officers vs. teachers.

There is a area of public housing that sits up on a hill over looking the city, it gets a really bad name but there are alot of good people up there. At the top of the hill in the school that is P - 6, I believe.

The Teachers always have a strong team, seems like the recruit the best teachers from the surrounding schools. The Teachers came out strong taking a 8-0 lead, but once we warmed up the come back was on. The game was very playful till the end when both sides clearly wanted to win, the refs blew the whistle stating the game was over and looking at the score board it was tied up, I think that was planned. The kids had a great game as well as all the players.

After the game the teachers treated us to subway up in the staff room, was a fun day.

I got alot of looks because I wore my Vibram Five Fingers to play in, everyone was like won't you roll your ankle in those? My answer was our feet were designed to start and stop, these just let our technology

Can't wait for tonight, we are off to the GOO GOO DOLLS, should be a awesome show, we are 3 rows back.


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