Saturday, February 5, 2011

I scream like a girl

Last night we went sledding with my brother and friends, that would be obvious if you could feel the pain in my back.

The Hill we went to is the biggest and baddest hill in the city, it's steeper then some of the ski runs you may go down.

On the way there we stopped at Giant Tiger and picked up some crazy carpets for $2.97 which I thought was a steal and headed for the hill.

I brought along my video sunglasses to capture the fun. The first few runs were a test to see if the glasses would survive, the jury was out on that.

So i put on the glasses and headed down the hill....The glasses didn't pick up much visually due to the low light, or lack of it, but it captured the audio, I'm not sure if I sound like 'm being attacked by the tickle monster or I'm a school girl that just met Justin beiber,

Enjoy, it was awesome.. Oh the soreness was from a massive jump that I only hit with half speed after seeing my brother get launched through the


  1. You ever think of joining the rest of us here in 2011? Rather than 2008? Just curious. :)

    Looks like fun, sounds hilarious.

  2. ok, my daughter and i just spent about 5 mins laughing at you! :) looks like fun!

  3. Yeah the camera's date is messed up and I cant change