Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ride A-long

Every time that you strap on your belt and turn your radio on, you never know where the calls will take you, or what you'll experience out there.

First night shift I was taking out my Sister in-Law on a ride-along, I was excited to show her what I do. She had helped me when I was first looking to get into policing.  The cycle had been busy up to that point so I was hoping it was going to keep on producing good calls.

Well I don't know if the criminals heard that L was going to be out on the streets and stayed in or it was just one of those nights. I tried hard to dig us up some trouble but it just wasn't working.

We went on a few calls, and she got to hear some of the crazy requests citizens ask the Police " My boyfriend took my weed and smokes can you get it back" Oh Ok we will get right on that!

We got to ride lights and sirens once going to a weapons call, and with that call she would have seen the few minutes of excitement followed by the reports.

No matter how busy it was I had a great time with L and she's welcome back anytime in my car.


  1. When Husband was on patrol I became known as "Bad Luck Schleprock" (bonus points for the reference. anybody?) and there were nights people would two-way him and say "Hey... you don't have BLS with you? If so, send her home!!!!"

  2. I believe it's a old cartoon guy that was bad