Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kelowna RCMP Brutality

Yesterday we had a "block training" session about ethics. The topic of ethics is a sticky one with officers, more so with the small things rather then the big issues.

Maybe small things in your mind, but where do you draw the line?
- Is it ethical to take that free coffee?
- Is it ethical to check up on your sisters boyfriend on the police system ?
- Is it ethical to give someone a ticket solely based on the drivers attitude ?
- Is it ethical to pull over that car to get a better look at it's hot driver ?

Those are the small ones that you may be able to sweep under the rug, the grey area maybe...

The story that the S/Sgt purposed to us was: You are a officer that rolls by a fellow officer on a traffic stop, as you pull up on scene, you see the officer has arrested the driver. S/he has the prisoner in handcuffs and s/he roughs up the prisoner (assaults him). What would you do?

If you are not a police officer think of this in the terms as the other officer being a family member, that will give you the feel of the  "blue line"

The S/Sgt wanted to know if you would have strong enough ethics to do what is right?  Even if you don't, will you do what you need to do to save your job?

What if down the road you find yourself in a Police Act complaint? what reason will you give the board for doing nothing? or even worse covering it up? Deceit will kill your career...

There is one big difference in policing in the past 10yrs ago. What is it? Now we are always being watched and that means being filmed on camera phones and being placed on YouTube for the world to judge you.

There's a video below, of an incident being caught on film. I choose not to judge other officers but I think the YouTube title gives it away. Now think if the officers tried to cover this up before they knew the video existed....


  1. videos can be misleading, both ways. I heard the female say one of the charges was firearms related, on of the officers pulled out a long gun from the truck, and this was a supsect in a shots fired call where this man may have put others lifes at risk by pulling a gun. I can understand the inquiry but video angles can mislead. I would want to know their version I think. Hoping it turns out alright for them.

    Oh KO, I will get in contact about the shoes!

    1. Camera angles? That pig had no reason for that kick. Typical RCMP behavior.

  2. Yeah, I found out the reason the male was taking a while to go to the ground was that due to accident his back in fused, so he's alittle slow.

    Yeah camera's will kill you cause no matter the truth, the public will judged on what they see on Youtube

  3. good thing that cop kicked him in the face cause it looked like that guy was gonna jump up and overpower those cops!

  4. A good analogy here is the Rodney King incident. Thank God here in Canada, the public's temper doesn't run as hot as our neighbours to the south. Can you imagine what would have happened if this had occurred in Los Angeles? For those police officers in North America who think that they are not under surveillance, they had better think again. I despise gun-toting scumbags just as the next constable but this officer clearly overstepped any black, white or grey boundaries and should face a jury of his peers or a judge to explain his behavior. By the way, the shotgun was being transported in a legal manner with a trigger lock on and concealed out of view in the rear of the truck cab.

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  6. Late response, sorry KO have been awol for a long time. I learned a lesson in my first year, if I'd got a prisoner cuffed and under control and any other officer assaulted my prisoner, then THEY could explain any injuries to the custody sergeant. I've ended up striking plenty of people in order to effect an arrest, but I was always first to say so and happy to justify why. Simple. I absolutely hated anyone assaulting my prisoners without justification and made it clear to everyone that if they saw a reason to do so then I was cool with that, providing they were going to justify it on the facts as THEY perceived them. End of.