Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to survive a snowstorm


Today we are in the middle of our first big snowstorm. Last night was my last night shift and we had about 5-10cms and there were accidents everywhere. The snow let off till lunch today and it started again and it's going in full force now. By the end of the storm they are saying we'll get 40 cms of snow!! Glad I'm off

To go along with the Storm theme I added he top 3 Things to do to prepare for a storm.

Policeman's Top 3 Winter Storm survival tips.
1 - Check your emergency supplies.

When you are advised of a winter snow storm approaching your town, check your emergency supplies. Ideally, you should have batteries, flashlights, lanterns, a first aid kit, rock salt, sand and plenty of water. Also, for those that have emergency generators, make sure that you have enough fuel to power your unit for a few days. Keep emergency numbers handy, as well as phone numbers for family members, neighbors and friends.

2 - Prepare for power outages.

During major snow storms many families loose power due to electrical lines that are experiencing trouble. It could hours or even days before electricians are able to restore power to some homes. Having extra ice can keep your food cold.

3 - Stay warm

Store extra blankets, firewood and kerosene for portable heaters. Bundle up if you go outdoors. An extra layer of clothing such as thermal wear can help keep your body warm. Additionally, a scarf, hat, gloves, boots and thick socks will help keep you warm.

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